Saying goodbye to the Mercury retrograde: Your forecast for the week

High Priestess StarchildSomeone recently said to me that they’re going to consider February the real start of their 2016 – that January was just a test run.

For anyone who feels like this month’s Mercury retrograde really got to them, it comes to an end today.

We’ll still be in its shadow as it picks up speed and goes direct, but anything that felt tense, confusing, or unclear is going to start to untangle itself in the days and weeks ahead.

Interestingly, each of 2016’s Mercury retrogrades are taking place in Earth signs. January’s was in Capricorn, which might have brought on some important questions for you about how you turn a dream into reality. Capricorn is practical; ruled by Saturn, it takes the loftiest ideas, looks at them closely, and points out all of the ways they might fail.

Saturn’s role sounds harsh, kind of like a parent who squashes a kid’s dreams by telling them how many years of education they’ll need before they can get anywhere.

But often, Saturn’s message is an important one to hear in putting a plan into action. Even the wildest, most creative souls need some kind of structure and foundation if they are to thrive.

What have you been questioning during the past few weeks? What did you start to feel uncertain about?

Was there a plan or an idea that you began to realize needed a bit more thought put into it? Did you start to come up with some Plan Bs (though I recommend just having lots of Plan As) in case something doesn’t go the way you’d hoped?

This can all be part of the influence of the Mercury retrograde. It’s been helping to challenge our own assumptions about how we’ve been working, and through that we’re getting a chance to build a much stronger foundation for the year ahead. You might have realized you need to assert more control in an area of your life, or learned that you do better when you’re working in a certain environment.

And given that the Moon is now waning, it’s a great time to come to terms with anything that needs to be let go of at this time.

The High Priestess showed up for this week’s forecast, bringing a wonderful reminder to take some time to reflect back on the month you’ve had so far. Where were you at the end of December? What realizations, learnings, or changes have started to take hold for you already this year?

What doubts came up for you that need to be investigated further? What fears arose that could actually help inspire you to make something better than you first envisioned?

Sometimes, what comes out of the shadows for us ends up being just what’s needed.

The High Priestess is here to remind you that by examining and reflecting on your thoughts and experiences, you’ll be helping to keep yourself in alignment of your truest intentions.

This is a week to meditate, journal, or meet a friend for coffee and debrief about the month you’ve had.

Pay close attention to revelations. The tension is about to lift.

Here’s a mantra to take with you this week: “When I allow for reflection, I allow for revelations.”