Scorpio season holds tight with this weekend’s New Moon and Venus-Jupiter conjunct

Ace of CupsFor those of you have been reading these updates for quite some time now, you’ll know that certain cards tend to follow us around.

That’s exactly what we have happening with the Ace of Cups which is here for the second week in a row.

Of course, it makes sense to see it again here. Last week, we looked at Venus transiting through Scorpio, where she will remain until the end of November. So we are moving through the same energies still, especially with Jupiter and Venus forming a conjunction today as they both sit at seven-degrees Scorpio.

Generally, Jupiter and Venus are seen as positive influences. But as I’ve said before, I never look at anything as entirely good or bad.

Scorpio asks you to trust your gut. It is highly intuitive and can see right through someone. With both benefic planets in a sign of intensity, sexuality, magnetism, and mystery, I would say go with your gut today 100%.

Jupiter is the planet of luck and opportunity. It loves to open doors for us. But whether they are the right doors is another question. Sometimes Jupiter sends more than we need, or more than we want. It can our lives exceedingly busy. It can send us work, lovers, ideas, all kinds of things without any regard as to whether they are aligned with our needs or wants at the time.

With Jupiter and Venus so close together today, I feel that for some, this conjunction might become too magnetic. Attraction between others can run high right now. Scorpio can bring up attraction that can feel inexplicable at times. It can be hard to shake. Just make sure that whatever is coming up for you is feeling right. Don’t be scared to put up necessary boundaries.

And if a partnership is deepening at this time, remember that Scorpio is a truth-teller, so going into partnerships with honesty is going to be very important right now.

Because Jupiter has a way of opening up the depths when it works through Scorpio, some people may realize that any secrets they’ve been keeping within their relationships – or things they have been unwilling to see – will be blown out of the water in the days to come.

This Saturday, November 18, brings the New Moon in Scorpio. Scorpio, Scorpio, Scorpio…all eyes are turned to the shadows right now.

This New Moon brings with it the reminder that change is always possible. That whatever you need to reset, this is the time to make the intention to move towards something different.

Scorpio’s power in the ability to transform, and then to rise again as something new, different. If today’s Venus Jupiter conjunction does bring up some challenges within your relationships, for example, this New Moon may offer a new threshold to walk through.

Think about how you might like things to look differently by this time next year in terms of what you are sharing with others, your boundaries, your emotional availability, and your connections.

Think, too, about how might like to trust yourself more. Scorpio helps us connect to our ancestors, our spiritual paths, and our own magic.

Maybe you are ready to commit to a spiritual practice. Maybe you want to learn how to channel, or read tarot. Maybe your idea of trusting yourself in taking a self-defense class – honing into another aspect of Scorpio’s power – or signing up for a memoir-writing workshop so that you can begin to own your story.

Whatever is inspiring you at this time, this weekend’s New Moon asks you to make space for it.

Circling back to the Ace of Cups, this is a time where emotional renewal can become a priority. Think about the image of a cup running over.

What is running over for you?

What is your cup full of right now? Is it brimming with something nourishing, or are you trying to figure out how to stop a flood?

Here’s a mantra for you to work with throughout the week:

Great experiences come from my willingness to accept change.

And if you would like to work with tarot for this weekend’s New Moon, here is a spread that can help:

Card #1: What intention can I set for myself during this New Moon in Scorpio:
Card #2: Where do I need to change direction?
Card #3: Where do I need to place my trust?
Card #4: What is Scorpio’s message for me overall?

Until next time,

Liz xo

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