Setting an intention for the New Moon

Six of Wands

From the Starchild Tarot

Today brings the New Moon in Gemini, marking the start of a new lunar cycle. For any Geminis out there, today is also your astrological New Year, making it a key day to set your intentions for what you’d like to see happen between now and next June.

This morning I pulled the Six of Wands, a fitting card for today. The Six of Wands encourages us to connect to our Higher Power to reach our creative potential. It signifies confidence and success, encouraging us to trust that our abilities are guiding us to where we want and need to be.

Gemini is social by nature, and like the Six of Wands, it encourages us to get out and be seen – even if we are a bit shy, we might find ourselves suddenly thrust into the spotlight. That’s the good fortune that the Six of Wands brings: recognition, celebration, and success. The Six of Wands wants us to be acknowledged for the work that we’ve done, and it wants us to enjoy the moment while it lasts.

Regardless of your Sun Sign, we can all tap into the energy of the New Moon. Gemini rules communication, exploration, and experimentation. It brings joyful, adventurous energy, making the start of this Moon cycle an ideal time to start writing that book you’ve always dreamed about, or dreaming up a great new social media strategy to promote yourself.

Or maybe you’ve been thinking of getting out there and networking, or taking up a friend’s offer to set you up on a blind date. Gemini territory is a great time to get out there and mingle, and each lunar cycle gives us 28 days to set something in motion.

If you haven’t set an intention for what you’d like to manifest, find some time within the next few days to write it down and work out what you can do to make it happen.

All it takes it one step to move closer towards your goals, and harnessing the Moon’s power can help you get there.

And if you want to take this a step further, check out my last post to find a Tarot spread specially made for this New Moon.