Setting intentions with today’s New Moon in Cancer

Did you know we have two new moons in Cancer this summer?

The first was June 21, with a solar eclipse. The second arrives today, at 1:33pm EST.

Eclipse season can bring on some big changes. Think back to all that’s transpired for you within the past month: The energy may have felt intense, and the pace of life may have picked up in unexpected ways.

It can be hard to live intentionally when life gets busy. Change happens and you find yourself veering off in new directions. There are times when we need to act, and other times when we need react instead.

It’s the push and pull of life itself. If you’re participating fully in your experience here, then you will likely be familiar with the paradox of it all: No matter how “in control” you try to be, something always comes up to throw a surprise in your plans.

While June’s lunar cycle may have come with more intensity, today’s New Moon gives you the time and space you need to sink deeper into your intentions in the coming week.

Opposing Saturn, today’s Cancer New Moon will help you to bring discipline, commitment and structure to your intentions. It may also help to highlight where you need better boundaries when it comes to nurturing yourself vs. others.

If you have trouble saying no, or feel like you’re constantly giving without getting much in return, this lunar cycle can help you gather the strength to put your foot down where necessary.

Overall, it’s a great time to think back to what was going on around the Summer Solstice and reconnect with something important to you that may have fallen to the wayside in recent weeks.

Or recommit or re-set some intentions that you worked through on June 21. Something may have changed between now and then that’s given you more clarity over how you want to connect with Cancer’s energies at this time.

And what might those intentions look like? The Cancer New Moon is a great one for…

Committing to deepening your intuition or personal spiritual practices. Ruled by the Moon, Cancer energy can help you to build or deepen a Moon-based practice, explore lunar deities, or develop your intuitive abilities…

Connecting to your ancestry. Cancer rules the home, and so helps you to know your roots. If you crave more understanding of your ancestors, or want to honour your ancestors in new ways, this lunar cycle is a wonderful time to start…

Caring for yourself in the ways only you can. What gift can you give yourself when it comes to self-care, patience, nourishment? Your body, mind and soul are your homes, too, and there are things within yourself that only you can know about, and only you can care for. Take some time to get to know your own tenderness in the days to come…

Connect through divination. You might not always have a specific intention for every New Moon, and that’s okay – it’s not a practice designed to create pressure in your life. If you want to work with the Moon in a more exploratory way, grab a tarot or oracle deck, rune set, or whatever else you work with and ask, “How can I care for myself during this lunar cycle?”

Happy New Moon.

Until next time,

Liz xo

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