Shifting perspective as the Moon grows and Saturn’s retrograde comes to an end

Four of CupsThose of you who’ve been following my weekly updates throughout the year will be well-versed by now in the many retrogrades we’ve been through so far in 2016.

Planets going retrograde isn’t unusual, but this year has brought a number of overlapping retrogrades, meaning that we’re all being pushed to re-evaluate various areas of our lives at once. This can make for slower progress or unpredictable outcomes.

There’s been a hit or miss quality to 2016 that can be affecting your hopes and dreams, but the insights and realizations these retrogrades have all brought forward are ultimately for the best. I do truly believe that things happen in their own time; delays and glitches can feel like a big pain in the butt when they keep us from getting what we want, but they also eventually help us to end up in the right place at the right time.

Retrogrades serve a purpose of making sure we’re getting things right. They keep us from rushing blindly ahead into something we might not be fully prepared for yet. They help us to see which of our patterns or habits are holding us back. They help us to grow out of our old ways, and they also bring second chances that we didn’t know we needed.

As each planet goes direct again, we get a new sense of freedom and flow in the area of our lives that it affects.

This week, Saturn goes direct on Saturday, August 13. It’s been doing backspin through Sagittarius since April. Sagittarius is a sign of adventure, optimism, expansion, and liberation. Saturn isn’t very comfortable in Sagittarius because it’s a planet of structure, discipline, and commitment.

Saturn likes to tighten the reins, so it can feel sometimes like it brings tougher lessons. I always think of Saturn as a well-intentioned parent who might say to a naïve child, “Well, that’s great that you want to be a rockstar one day, but how many hours do you plan on practicing your guitar in the meantime?”

Saturn forces us to look at the nitty gritty details of what needs to done in order to get where we’re going. It’s helpful, absolutely, because without that realism we would be floating on hope but probably not accomplishing much. The downer, though, is that Saturn can sometimes feel like it’s bursting your bubble a little bit.

Saturn retrograde can emphasize anxieties, fears, and worries. It can make us feel restricted and limited in what we can do. But like all of the planets, Saturn ultimately wants to help us (even if it feels like a Debbie Downer sometimes). This retrograde has given us the extra push we need to take responsibility for our actions, to overcome any mindsets that are holding us back, and to come to terms with what we need to change about ourselves.

So this Saturday marks a turning point in which you’ll be able to find new determination, focus, and productivity. Fears will start to fall away as Saturn picks up speed in the weeks to come, and things can start to ease up overall as Sagittarius’ optimistic influence can come through in a much stronger way again.

This week, the Moon is in its waxing phase, which means it’s still a great time to take action, initiate new projects and ideas, and open yourself up to new beginnings. Sometimes, I feel the final days of a bigger planetary retrograde to be the most challenging, so if you find yourself wanting to bring something forward but can’t quite connect to that waxing Moon energy the way you’d like, it might be because Saturn’s influence is in a sensitive area of your chart.

Try to do what you can and overcome any fears that Saturn is bringing up for you now. The seeds you plant this week can continue to grow in the months to come, and your perspective on things will change once Saturn goes direct.

That’s seen in this week’s tarot card, the Four of Cups, which is all about a shift in perspective. This card encourages us to stop looking at what’s going wrong, or feels like it’s been lost, and instead shift our focus to what is going well.

This an apt reminder as we come out of Saturn’s challenges and prepare to move forward with the lessons that have been brought forward throughout the past four months. That Sagittarian optimism is ready to breathe some life back into you again. Are you ready to receive it?

The Four of Cups also pushes us away from shyness, apathy, or self-pity. It pushes us to admit that in staying so focused on the negative, we could be our own worst enemies by not letting ourselves see all that we still have to be grateful for.

Here’s a mantra that you can work with throughout the week to help support the energetic shift that’s on its way:

I move my focus away from fear and into my personal power. I embrace my full potential as new possibilities rise to meet me.

Until next time,

Liz xo