Slow down, September! Eclipse season continues…this time with a Pisces Full Moon.

temperanceAstrologically, September is a very active month: We started off with a New Moon in Virgo and a solar eclipse, which came right after the start of a Mercury retrograde.

The way the calendar dates fall, we’ll actually have two New Moons this month, but first we have to get through this current lunar cycle. It reaches its halfway point on Friday, September 16, with a Full Moon in Pisces and a lunar eclipse.

For those of you who are already sensitive to Full Moon energies (and some folks out there certainly do feel the pull of the Full Moon more than others), I think this one will be quite powerful. Pisces is a sensitive, spiritual sign.

Creativity can run high during this Full Moon, but so can our moods. The energy at this time can feel introverted and personal.

Because Pisces has a direct connection to the divine, epiphanies, inspiration, and spiritual insights can be in flow. If you’ve been questioning your life path or your soul’s purpose, or if you’ve been feeling called to make a deeper spiritual or creative connection, this Friday presents an opening through which you can find some answers you seek.

The lunar eclipse is also in Pisces. This eclipse corresponds to the solar eclipse we experienced on September 1, which are both part of a 19-year cycle of eclipses.

Full Moons are times for personal illumination, but also for release. With the added influence of a lunar eclipse, this Friday is going to flip a switch to help you shed something from your past. You might even find that your “ah-a” moment comes through a past experience that, until now, you weren’t able to understand or accept.

This week’s energy can be profound if you’re ready to open up to it. Just be careful in protecting your own energy and intentions at this time; a Full Moon in Pisces can sometimes put us in the path of people who might be draining or demanding. Boundaries can easily be blurred. If you need to take a time out to simply reflect and recharge, don’t be afraid to assert your needs.

The Temperance card was pulled for this week’s forecast, which is a great reminder of this. Temperance reminds you that there is safety and security when you maintain your own sense of balance.

It’s also a card that helps to restore a sense of peace and harmony, often through spiritual connection. When I talk about spirituality and tarot, I always remind people that spirituality is what you make it. For some, reading tarot is a spiritual practice. Developing intuition or being your own guide can be a spiritual practice. Finding community and union with others can be spiritual.

Whatever you choose to put faith and trust in is spiritual, whether it’s a traditional, organized path or something that you piece together yourself.

That’s the Pisces way: Find your path on your own terms. Find a place to rest your heart. There are no rules when it comes to feeling connected to the world around you.

If you’re going through a difficult period, know that these tough times are coming to an end. Temperance often shows up as the light at the end of the tunnel, telling you not to give up hope. This Friday’s Full Moon can help to bring some relief, or release.

If it helps, here’s a mantra for you to work with throughout the week:

I am ready to release anything from the past that still binds me. I embrace the present moment and the illumination it offers.

And if you have your own tarot deck at home and want to connect with this week’s Full Moon, here’s a simple spread you can work with:

1. How can I connect to my spirituality at this time?
2. How can I connect to my creativity at this time?
3. What is it time to release during this Full Moon?
4. How is this lunar eclipse shaping my future foundation?

Have a great week, and happy Full Moon!

Until next time,

Liz xo