Solar eclipse + Virgo New Moon: What you need to know!

Six of Wands

I’ve always felt December’s bad reputation is undeserved as the holiday season that wreaks havoc on our health and willpower.
What’s a few cocktail parties and an extra helping of turkey or pumpkin pie spread out over a couple of weeks?

The way I see it, the real potential for disaster is the summer. It’s a whole, huge season of seemingly endless barbeques, beach parties, patio hangs, outdoor concerts, and ice cream cravings that can be sated at every turn.

The pressure to party is on once that warm weather hits is on, especially if you’re in my part of the world, Toronto, or close to it, where us Canadians just can’t wait to feel the heat of the sun on our faces once June rolls around and it just keeps going until the fall weather hits, which sometimes isn’t until October.

Which makes December’s holidays just seem so…small in comparison. If you feel you need a bit of a reprieve after a summer of fun, this Sunday’s New Moon in Virgo brings the break you’re looking for.

An earth sign, Virgo ushers in stabilizing, grounding energy and helps us reconnect to ourselves, physically and mentally. So if you find yourself suddenly craving green smoothies or choosing salads over burgers, you’re likely tapping into Virgo’s practical, health-centric vibes.

And if you’ve been thinking of kick-starting a new health regimen – maybe signing up for some guest classes at a local gym, or going out for a run a few times a week – the New Moon cycle is the perfect time to start.

Aligning our efforts with the energies of each New Moon helps us plant the right seeds at the right time.

But Virgo’s energy is about much more than our physical selves…

Virgo also embraces beauty through simplicity. What do you need less of in your life? Where do things feel messy, complicated, or cluttered, either in your physical or emotional spaces?

This New Moon in Virgo gives us the go-ahead to clear away whatever you feel has hung around long enough, whether it’s the junk in your kitchen drawer or a defeating friendship that leaves you drained rather than inspired.

The most important thing about the New Moon in Virgo is to ask yourself where you want to focus your attention. We spend so much time reacting to what’s put in front of us: another Facebook notification, another invite to a party, another text we feel we need to respond to right away.

But if you clear your calendar and ignore all your messages, even just for one day, how would you spend that day?

What would be the first thing you did when you woke up? What would be your top priority above all else? Where would you go? Who would you invite?

Try to create a day like this for yourself if you can. You might be surprised at what you’ve fallen out of touch with. So often, our favourite things take a backseat to the constant pressure to answer and engage with what’s put in front of us throughout the day, even if those things are not our own priorities.

This summer has been marked with major transitions for many people, in part due to Venus and Uranus going retrograde in July. Whatever you’ve been going through, this weekend’s New Moon brings the opportunity for some deep, restorative healing to begin thanks to the partial solar eclipse that’s coming along with it.

While the summer might have brought on a lot unexpected transitions, this New Moon guides us into transformation in a much gentler way, again with a focus on healing, giving us a chance to feel like we can start to get clear on what we need and where we’re going from here.

Pay very close attention to any intuitive hits you get this weekend. Even if you don’t think you are intuitive, trust that you have the thoughts and feelings that you do for a reason.

What’s calling to your attention? What’s been buried within you that you can no longer ignore? What are the things that have been left unsaid for too long in your life?

By tapping into Virgo’s grounded, healing energy, we can all make the most of whatever surfaces for us during this eclipse. The opportunity for big shifts, breakthroughs, and profound realizations is coming up, and this doesn’t only extend to ourselves.

We can all have the chance to help those around us heal, as well.

Trust in what comes, and if you can, set an intention on Sunday, or sometime next week, to make the most of this weekend’s astrological alignments.

You don’t have to attach a plan or an outcome to your intention; just write it down, or say it out loud during a quiet moment, and let it unfold from there.

And for those of you who use Tarot at home, here is a spread I made that can help you navigate this New Moon cycle:

Card #1: What step can I take to bring better balance into my physical world?
Card #2: What step can I take to bring better balance into my inner world?
Card #3: How can I be a healer for those around me?
Card #4: What truth is it time for me to face?

Is it time for you to begin a transformation, or do you need support with one that has already begun? Book a Tarot reading with me today to get clear on what it’s time to work towards, let go of, and break away from.

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