Step by step: Your tarot forecast for the week of February 29, 2016

threeofcrystalsI can’t believe how fast February went by. It feels like the year just started and already spring is less than a month away.

I also can’t believe the card that showed up for this week’s message: the Three of Crystals (aka Pentacles).

Before pulling a card for this forecast, I’d pulled a card for myself, just to ask what I need to know right now. And this was the card that came up. I put it back in the deck, shuffled the cards, and asked what message I can share here with you for this week, and there it was again.

Of course, I should be used to these things by now, but they never cease to amaze me. That’s the magic of tarot: The right cards always appear at the right time, and never fail to make themselves known.

The Three of Crystals is a great card to focus on with this week’s energy. The Moon is still waning after last week’s full Moon in Virgo, which makes the next few days ideal for wrapping up projects, or to your hard work come to fruition.

There is always a sense of something coming full circle with the Three of Crystals. This card often indicates accomplishment and success, but through small steps and consistent dedication.

The success it brings is the kind that helps to establish a solid foundation; for this week, this card is acting as a reminder that everything you do is leading you somewhere. Every move you make is bringing you closer to your goal. The things we build under the influence of the Three of Crystals tend to become strong and stable, and our skills and confidence are also enhanced in the process.

This card is also a reminder that even though it might not always feel like you are making progress, it’s important not to lose determination. We can’t always see or feel the results of our actions, but we still need to trust that it’s all building up to something good.

The Three of Pentacles is very much connected to completion, especially completion of an important phase or chapter in your current journey. There might be more work ahead, but this is a period where building blocks are being put into place.

The waning Moon this week also makes it a great time to release and let go of anything that is no longer serving you, or that you no longer desire to experience.

Next week brings a new Moon in Pisces and a Solar eclipse, so watch out for insights and a new tarot spread to help with that next week!

In the meantime, here’s your mantra connect you with this week’s energies:

I trust that every step I take brings me closer to where I want to be.

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Liz xo