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Creative blocks, and what to do when you feel stuck

I’ve always compared creative projects to relationships, especially when your projects are long-term commitments, as many often are. You have days where you’re totally in love. It all feels right. It feels like it’s “the one.” And then the next day, out of nowhere, hard questions creep up: is it just a phase? Hormonal? Naive?

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Life is for learning: An interview with Laura Mazurek of Roots and Feathers

She’s a bohemian queen who dwells deep in the heart of Texas, but designer Laura Mazurek’s inspiration reaches far beyond the state lines. Founder of Roots and Feathers, a line of hand-crafted creations, and The Bohemian Collective, an online project that brings together artisans and designers with a shared vision to create a visionary, sacred

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