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Do your head and heart align? This week’s astrology may push you to embrace your ideals.

Venus entered Gemini on Saturday, June 8. The planet of love and desire is in the cerebral, communicative sign of the twins. Mercury, Gemini’s ruler, is moving through emotional, intuitive Cancer right now. Your focus or concentration may not always be at their peak this month, but that’s okay. There’s something deeper at work here.

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Own your magic: Welcoming Sagittarius season and the Gemini Full Moon

Scorpio season is winding down this week. On Thursday, November 22, the Sun enters bright, energetic Sagittarius at 4:01am EST. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter. Under this influence, our focus can shift to big plans and bigger dreams. The Sun will be conjunct Jupiter, helping to enhance this benevolent energy. The mood can be uplifting,

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