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Mercury retrograde, Venus in Sagittarius, and the Gemini Full Moon

Have you been feeling a shift in energy since the Sun moved into Sagittarius? I often find this time of year to bring on a decent level of restlessness. Even though Sagittarius loves to read and learn, I find its energy pulls me away from intellectual pursuits and gets me out and about, socializing, dreaming

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Justice Starchild

Mercury retrograde has begun. Re-think, re-evaluate, re-do.

Over the weekend, Mercury stationed retrograde and is now doing its semi-regular backspin through the stars. When I write about Mercury retrograde, I often state that these retrograde periods often get over-hyped, and the fear around them is unwarranted. Every planet goes retrograde at some point. Retrogrades serve to slow down certain processes in order

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The Moon

Should you really be afraid of Mercury retrograde?

Much has been made about the (supposedly) dreaded Mercury retrograde that rolls in a few times each year. I recently read that one of my favorite bloggers had rescheduled the launch of a big business reveal to avoid the any potential danger of Mercury’s backward spin through the sky. I’ve also heard of an author

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