Tarot and astrological influences on the U.S. election

On the day of the U.S. election, a lot of tarot cards were being thrown around. In an online tarot forum I participate in, a number of tarot readers had repeatedly pulled the Death card and the Hanged Man in response to, “Who will win the election?”

Of course, predictions being predictions, these readings were all left up to interpretation – some thought Hillary would win, others Trump.

One layout was particularly ominous: Strength, Death, and the Hanged Man. Here, I saw Trump winning. Why? Because if you look at what’s happening here, Death is headed right for that Strength card, and that strong woman in it.

While the Hanged Man isn’t necessarily a triumphant card, Trump did hang himself numerous times throughout this election. Yet that final card in a three-card layout like this typically represents the future, or the outcome.


But one thing I’d been wondering about throughout this whole process was the astrological influence of Uranus in Aries.

Uranus spends seven years in each sign. It moved into Aries in 2011. Uranus is a planet of upheaval, rebellion, and revolution. It has an “expect the unexpected” quality to it. In Aries, which is ruled by Mars, it increases individualism, extremism, and independence.

No planets or signs are wholeheartedly good or bad. They all have a spectrum of qualities and characteristics, and will work through the collective of our society in a number of ways. The same goes for how they can work through us individually.

As the first sign of the zodiac, Aries is headstrong, courageous, and individualistic. It can be pioneering and innovative. It’s not afraid to stand up for what it believes in, even it means standing apart from the crowd. In fact, Aries is often more comfortable creating a new pack than finding one to follow.

Hence, Aries in Uranus may be helping to spur the explosion in tattoo culture that’s been taking place in recent years. If you are from Toronto, or if you ever have the chance to visit, come in the summer if you want to see just how many people here have tattoos. (Note: I am one of them.) It seems like there’s a shop every couple blocks.

Tattoos can be a way to reclaim the body: In a world where many of us (especially women) are taught to fear the consequences of looking different or else risk survivability in a conservative, corporate-driven system, Uranus and Aries can encourage people to rebel against the old guard and do what feels right to them.

But what else can Uranus in Aries do? This is where things get scary. The last time Uranus was in Aries, Hitler was elected into power.


In certain parts of the world, the economy was also very similar to how it is today in North America. In Canada, where I live, consumer debt has been a growing concern for several years now. The real estate market is out of control. People are spending with sheer optimism, or abandon – Aries qualities no doubt, as this can be a bit of a reckless sign – despite warnings that the economy will dip.

And it will – but probably not until Uranus moves into Taurus in 2018.

This is why I was on the fence about whether Trump would win. If the U.S. election had happened a little further down the road, things might have been very different.

Uranus went retrograde on July 29, and will continue its backspin into December. While he was seen as a loose cannon long before, I found it interesting that that was the day that calls went out for Republican leaders to rethink their support of Trump as nominee. Condemned for his comments against the parents of a deceased Muslim soldier, Trump’s campaign really started to go sideways as the weeks and months carried on with Uranus in retrograde.

I started to wonder if that would cost him the win. If Uranus in Aries is supporting the rise Trump, then perhaps that retrograde would block his progress – but no, that wasn’t the case.

Since his election, many have taken to U.S. streets to revolt against Trump’s election. I wouldn’t be surprised if these protests continue, and they are marked with violence and aggression under this Aries influence.

Similarly, terrorist groups like ISIS have risen in profile under the influence of Uranus in Aries. While fascism, extremism, and hate are unfortunately never absent from our world, I think this final year of Uranus’ fiery placement will continue to create upheaval of all kinds.

We must all be mindful that this energy can have a “my way or the highway” attitude with it, and so making an effort to listen and practice compassion with each other is of utmost importance. This is the kind of attitude we often see in extremist views, which promote narrow-mindedness and victory at all costs.

When Uranus moves into Taurus in 2018, I expect that Trump’s reign will go through quite a shift. I’m not sure how that might play out – only time will tell – but when Uranus went into Taurus in the 1930s, it introduced massive economic and political changes. It wasn’t an easy transition; Taurus is an earth sign, and it truly did ground things to a halt in many ways.

I wonder how that change in energy will work through Trump’s influence.

Many individuals who are already sensitive or intuitive are likely feeling quite raw right now. There is a lot of energy flying around right now, and a lot fear. It’s important to keep in mind that we are still under the influence of the Sun in Scorpio, which can stir up a lot emotions.

I read something by Modern Women (of the Many Moons workbook today) that I found to be a helpful, and hopeful, reminder. To paraphrase: November begins in the desert under the influence of Scorpio, the scorpion, but ends in the sky, with Sagittarius the archer and centaur looking up towards the heavens for answers while keeping its feet firmly on the ground.

These are also just some examples of the energies working around us right now. There are always other influences at work. I’ll share more astrological insights soon.

If you are feeling affected by the news of the world right now, take a look towards the setting sun. Walk through some crunchy fall leaves. Take a moment to look at how the light hits a beautiful building at a certain time of day.

Be present. Let nature take you back into yourself and remember that there is always a way forward.

There is always kindness and community to connect with, and to build.

Until next time,

Liz xo

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