The ancestors at your back: Welcoming Samhain, All Soul’s day, and Venus in Libra

Nine of Cups Cosmic TarotIt’s not the first time I’ve seen repeating cards when I write these messages.

Once again, the Nine of Cups has followed us into the week. I love this card. It’s one of my favourite to see in a reading, as it represents so many blessings all at once.

But most of all, it represents simple joy, something we all need and deserve.

This card might at first feel like a strange juxtaposition to the week ahead. On Wednesday, October 31, we welcome Halloween, or Samhain.

And then All Soul’s Day on Thursday, November 1.

While all of Scorpio season is a powerful time to connect with your intuition, ancestors, and magic, these are the dates that are so often discussed as the times when the veils between worlds are at their thinnest.

As Scorpio season helps us to embrace any change in season within our own lives, October 31 and November 1 encourage us to find support, guidance, and remembrance in those who have come before, too.

And so that’s one of the messages I’m taking from the Nine of Cups this week: To allow yourself to lean on those who have come before you.

It’s so easy to forget that so many other lives had to be lived so that we can be here, now. It’s also easy to feel detached, or distant, from our ancestral lineages, especially if it’s not something you know, or were taught to understand.

But Daniel Foor, author of Ancestral Medicine, talks about finding that connection through the land itself. By not focusing on the ancestors who you may have known as extended family, but to think more holistically about all the places your body came from, and the people and stories – a thousand years’ worth – that your body contains.

How might you feel a little more supported, a little richer, a little more connected, if you took some time this week to learn a folktale or myth from part of your distant past?

What if you took a moment to find richness there, and to celebrate it by lighting a candle for those who came before you? Use this light as a way to say thank you, or to sit in meditation and invite some ancient guidance into your life.

October may have felt energetically charged so far, but some of that energy will begin to lift on the 31st, too, whether you choose to have it supported by your ancestors or not.

Mercury leaves Scorpio for Sagittarius at 12:38am EST on October 31, allowing our thoughts to come up for air and eventually take flight with the agile, inspired energy that Sag offers. You might feel optimism, hope, and understanding deepen for you later in the week.

Venus continues its retrograde, slipping back into the sign of Libra later on Wednesday, at 3:42pm EST. This, too, will bring a change in perspective, though relationships continue to be strongly highlighted here.

Expect conversations to begin to circle around what is fair and just within your partnerships. Lovers, friends, and colleagues will all be expected to pick up the slack, so anyone who hasn’t been doing their fair share can expect to be called out on it.

Here’s an intention you can use throughout the week:

I trust that my ancestors stand behind me, and I open to their guidance.”

And if you’d like to connect with the energies of Samhain or All Soul’s Day, here is a tarot spread to try:

1. What story did my ancestors give to me?
2. What lesson do they want me to see now?
3. How can I honour my history?
4. How can I invite my ancestors to guide me?

Until next time,

Liz xo

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