The Call of the Word: A Five-Week Mentorship Program for Writers

Aug 2016Writing is hard.

There, I said it.

It doesn’t matter how much talent you have. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been published two times or twenty, or if you’re still waiting to see your name in print. Insecurity and self-doubt do not discriminate, and writers at all stages of their careers struggle.

I know because I’ve been writing books since 2006 and I’ve learned that it doesn’t get any easier – unless you’re willing to face your fears, commit to your creativity, and push through no matter what.

That’s why I created the Call of the Word, a five-week mentorship program that helps aspiring and established writers of all kinds understand who they are as artists, and puts them on a path to achieving their deepest creative goals.

When you’re writing a book, a script, poetry, short fiction – anything – or you’re waiting for the right time to start on an idea, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. What does it take to get going? How do you stay motivated and interested in your characters or concepts?

Writing is isolating. It’s a hugely ambitious undertaking to spend so much time alone, in your own head. As a result, it’s all too easy to start questioning your idea and your abilities:

“Is what I’m working on even any good?”

“What business do I have even writing a book?”

“Am I just playing pretend?”

“What if I can’t finish what I’ve started?”

“What if I put the work in but get no reward?”

Why I’m not here to “teach” you how to write

The Call of the Word wasn’t created to help you put your own sentences together. As a writer, you’ve got to find your own voice if you haven’t already. I can help you unoover that voice and feel confident using it, but I also want you to take ownership in developing it.

Besides, I don’t believe that anyone can actually be taught how to be a writer. That’s something that comes from each of us on its own.

What the Call of the Word does is help writers of all levels who are struggling with motivation, discipline, doubt, isolation, uncertainty, and more. For five weeks, you’ll have me as your mentor and coach as you work through a customized program that I will create just for you, based off of your own needs and goals.

Plus, we’ll use tarot the whole way through to illuminate your potential, opportunities, and challenges as a creative individual.

When you allow yourself to work through your own uncertainty and insecurity about writing, you clear the way for creativity and inspiration.

You gain confidence and you learn to trust that whenever you do start to question yourself as a writer, you’ll know what to do to overcome that doubt and keep going.

What you learn about yourself through the Call of the Word will do more than help you with your writing right now; it will support you on your journey as a writer for years to come.

How this program works

What makes the Call of the Word different from so many other writing courses out there is that it is a completely personalized experience that combines tarot, one-on-one-coaching, and individualized assignments that I create just for you, based on where you’re at and what you need.

There are tons of amazing writing programs out there, don’t get me wrong. But not all are created equal, and the number one complaint I hear about them is that writers don’t feel adequately supported. The instructors aren’t able to provide as much face time, or they prioritize the technicalities of writing over the fact that writing can be an extremely emotional process with many highs and lows.

That’s why I cap enrolment to Call of the Word to just five writers at a time. That means you get as much magic as I can give.

What to expect 

This program starts is also different from other writing courses because it starts off with a tarot reading that will offer insights into:

– Your highest creative potential
– Opportunities that you can manifest through your writing
– Patterns or creative blocks that it’s time to address…

…and more!

I then pair up the messages from your reading, along with your own goals for your writing, and develop a month’s worth of assignments, activities, and guidance, all customized to fit your needs.

Tarot might seem like an unconventional way to kick-off a writing course, but it is actually a powerful, creative tool that can be used to better understand who you are as a writer and the steps you can take to fulfill your highest creative potential.

And as your guide during this time, I will hold you accountable to your writing and your work as a writer while helping you get a deeper understanding of your path as a writer and where you can ultimately bring yourself long after our time together is up.

My own goal for this program is to have you leave feeling:

– Inspired and creative
– Committed to your writing
– Clear and confident about who you are as a writer
– Dedicated to a writing schedule that works for you

What I promise to deliver through Call of the Word:

– A personalized experience that will help you move through any creative blocks, fears, or frustrations
– To make you feel seen, heard, and supported as your coach and mentor
– To focus my attention on the areas where you will benefit the most
– To help you feel engaged and motivated about your book, poetry, script, or anything else you are writing

What others have to say about Call of the Word

“Liz Worth provides a safe, non-judgemental space for writers to allow their work to emerge. I am writing my first book, and Call of the Word gave me tools that I continued to use after the course was finished. This course helped me find my book’s path and my own voice in it.”
– Martha Morrison

“Liz is an incredible writing coach. I felt like she understood me and what I was trying to accomplish with my writing. She offered me great support and real practical, actionable advice about how to overcome the challenges I was running into. After taking the course with her, I feel better equipped to be a writer and I feel like my writing goals are actually attainable.”
– Cameron Ayers,

“This program was exactly what I needed as I headed into editing some writing that is very important to me. Liz was gentle and assuring and helped me reach a level of writing I didn’t know I was capable of. Her feedback helped me see exactly what I do well and exactly what I need to work on. The exercises were meaningful for me personally as well as as a writer. She helped me overcome fears about my writing over and over again. She was the perfect guide for this stage in my writing journey.”
-Becca Spence Dobias

“Working through Liz’s creative coaching program for writers put me back on track. It helped me to focus my goals and start taking practical steps toward achieving them. Liz is passionate about writing and about the creative process. She provided no-nonsense suggestions and asked the right kind of tough questions that helped me to generated my own solutions.

“Best of all, she did all of that with compassion, understanding and good humour. Liz is as likeable as she is knowledgeable – and it would be an understatement to say that she has inspired me to take my work to new heights.”
– Lisa Mulrooney

“Working with Liz was like going to an alternative school with a teacher who was like your best friend and therapist and the one you will always remember for showing you how to make your dreams a reality. Her fresh, unique and highly engaging approach to work, life and learning will put you on the road to success.”
– Marisa Iacobucci, Children’s Book Author and Freelance Writer/Editor/Blogger

“Call of the Word is long-lasting, slow-acting medicine that stays in your blood stream long after the work is done. Weeks after the readings and the wisdom, they are still at work in my psyche and imagination. Call of the Word is powerful stuff. Do yourself and your work the honour of answering the Call. Lizzy Worth is doing great things.”
– Janette Platana, author of A Token of My Affliction,

The details: When, where, and how much?

1. The next round of Call of the Word opens up in May, 2016.

We’ll meet at the same time each week (via video chat on Skype, over the phone, or in person if you are in Toronto) for one hour for a one-on-one coaching session. You’ll have five sessions with me altogether.

Generally, I work with clients Monday to Friday, between 11am-7pm (7pm being the last appointment of the day). We’ll find a time that works for both of us, stick it into our calendars, and voila!

Important: These coaching sessions are like your own private classroom: The magic is in showing up to them, so make sure that the time we choose will be one that you are able to commit to for the duration of Call of the Word.

2. Even though this program isn’t designed to tell you what or how to write, I will read up to five pages of your work (prose or poetry) if you feel that getting some editorial feedback will be helpful.

3. In addition to the tarot reading that this course starts off with, I will pull an additional tarot card for you each week to help offer some guidance for the work we are focused on at that time.

4. As I mentioned earlier, the magic of Call of the Word is in showing up, and you are accountable for your success and transformation throughout our five weeks together. Those who are ready to commit to your writing, and to the assignments they receive from me, are the ones who get the most out of this program.

5. Along with our weekly coaching calls, you will also have access to me via email from Monday to Friday for any additional support. You will also receive a recording of our coaching sessions that you can save and listen to again later.

6. All Call of the Word participants will receive a discount on future coaching and tarot sessions with me for up to a year after completing Call of the Word.

And the cost?

This program has a value of over $800, but for the time being, I am leaving it priced at just $695.

I do offer a payment plan where you can pay a deposit of $248 to start. You will be invoiced for the following $248 two weeks into the program, and the final $199 will be paid in the last week.

Once you’ve paid, you’ll receive a welcome email from me with 1-2 business days and a quick questionnaire that will help me get to know you better and guide our sessions together.

One easy payment:

Deposit + Payment plan option: 


Q: Will this program help me find a publisher or agent?

A: The Call of the Word is designed for writers who are feeling stuck, blocked, or insecure about their writing and help them get to a place where they experience creative momentum and deep shifts that will keep them moving forward long after their time with me is over.

I don’t have any strings to pull with publishers or agents. The best way to land one is to finish your book and show them what you’ve got.

Q: Is this a good program to take if I am writing a script, non-fiction, or short fiction?

Yes! This program can work for writers of all genres and levels.

Q: I want some support for my writing, but I don’t know if I need a five-week program right now. Can I just book a single session with you to see how it goes?

Yes! Check out my other options here.

Q: Can a tarot reading tell me when I will get published?

A: A tarot reading can’t guarantee these results. But it can help you grow and evolve as a writer, and to show you what you need to focus on creatively before you start to think of business.

Q: Is it possible to schedule my coaching sessions on a weekend?

A: No. I’m not able to offer coaching sessions for Call of the Word on weekends at this time. I tend to book a lot of events as a tarot reader on weekends, and so my Saturdays and Sundays can be quite unpredictable for scheduling.

Q: What do you mean by a “customized” program?

A: This isn’t a cookie-cutter writing course. There is no program outline because every client gets a program that is designed and created just for them. All authors are as unique as their writing styles, and I want to honour that through the Call of the Word.

Not only do we use a tarot reading to help build the foundation, but you get to identify how you want to use our time together, whether that’s to get some editorial feedback on a manuscript or learn how you can overcome writer’s block. I’ll pull everything together in a program that is going to be completely tailored to you.

Q: I haven’t been published before. Can I still participate?

A: Of course! The Call of the Word is created for writers at all stages – even if you’re just starting out.

If you struggle with:

– Feeling like you lack time or structure to write
– Isolation
– Doubt and insecurity
– Lack of inspiration
– Scattered focus
– Writer’s block or creative stuckage
– Uncertainty about your path as a writer

Then the Call of the Word is for you.

Q: What is your experience as a writer?

A: I am the author of four books: Treat Me Like Dirt: An Oral History of Punk in Toronto and Beyond (Bongo Beat / ECW Press, 2009); Amphetamine Heart (Guernica Editions, 2010); PostApoc (Now or Never Publishing, 2013); and No Work Finished Here: Rewriting Andy Warhol (BookThug, 2015).

I’ve also performed and toured as a performance poet since 1999 and my writing has appeared in numerous publications. I’ve published poetry, fiction, and non-fiction throughout Canada, the U.S., and in the UK.

Q: What if I can’t afford it?

A: I do offer a payment plan where you can pay in three installments.

If you’re not sure about whether it’s worth the investment, then ask yourself: What is the dream of writing worth to you? What will you gain from getting the support and structure you need to make it happen?

How much pain and frustration is it costing you now to know that you’re not living up to your full creative potential?

And remember, I also offer a range of other coaching options, with prices starting as low as $45.

Q: What is your refund policy?

A: Call of the Word is non-refundable.

If you are enrolling on a payment plan, failure to pay on time will result in termination of your program until payment is received. If you discontinue payment altogether, you will not be reimbursed.

Why should you answer the Call of the Word?

Because your words won’t get written if you don’t create the time and structure in your life to get it done.

Because doubt and insecurity are also major killers of creativity. A lot of stories die inside of us before they ever get out there.

Because when you have a goal to focus us, and an understanding of your purpose as a writer, it can give you an anchor of inspiration to keep you going even when things feel hard, lonely, and defeating.

But if you come in with an open mind, ready to do the work, you will leave with a deeper commitment to your writing and a lot more clarity about who you are as a writer.

Answer the call today!

“Call of the Word tackled all my blocks straight on and provided me with achievable goals and tools to see my goals and work commitments realized. I came out of this program a different person!”
– Marisa Iacobucci, Children’s Book Author and Freelance Writer/Editor/Blogger

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