The gifts of Aries season in times of crisis


I don’t want things to go “back to normal” after this.

But that is not the same as saying I don’t want people to be OK after this – and that’s a really important distinction to make.

Because I do want us to be okay – all of us.

Which is why I don’t want things to go back to normal. The old “normal” is, from my worldview at least, an insane, frenzied pace of action, consumption, and over-development that has led to a complete disregard for natural life – which includes human life.

Yet I keep having this awful fear that everything is going to turn into a mad dash to get back to how things were before. We are seeing, right now, air quality improving in cities and countries around the world.

This is an improvement that is key not only to our survival but our quality of health. But if we push to go back to “normal,” that environmental healing will be cancelled out as quickly as it started.

If we keep going at the rate we were before this slowdown, we will see other respiratory diseases become an even bigger health concern and contributor to death rates.

This is a mirror of what’s to come if we don’t change our ways.

To see so many of us collaborate to protect ourselves and our communities from a virus means that we could also come together to protect ourselves from the very real threats of climate change – which we need to curb as much as the spread of Covid-19.

Climate change is a slower burn. Even though it’s happening right now, its ramifications can still feel far off in the distance, or more abstract than a virus that is an immediate threat right here, right now.

If people are worried about not being able to breathe because of a respiratory illness, they should be just as worried about not being able to breathe in the future if we keep polluting our world at the rate we are.

The Sun has been in Aries since March 19; spring arrived earlier than usual in the northern hemisphere this year. The last time it came this early was in 1896.

Before we changed over the calendars this year, 2020 was looked to with much anticipation. Astrologically, it was touted as a time of transformation. The Old Guard was set to crumble so that a new paradigm could take hold.

I don’t think anyone quite expected it to happen like this. And in recent weeks, under the influence of that fiery Aries Sun we are soaking in right now, I’ve started to wonder about the symbolism of the year’s early spring.

Aries season began on March 19 this year, a time that, like the season of spring, signifies new beginnings, new growth. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and the Sun’s entry into the territory of the fiery ram ushers into the astrological new year – a new cycle, a fresh turn of the wheel.

When we think of Aries season, we think of doing, creating, manifesting. Taking action, rushing ahead, pushing our priorities forward.

We think of Aries and “me, me, me” culture – so much of what we have to tone down and turn around from – but Aries is much more than this basic, pigeonholed interpretation.

Aries is the warrior, the fighter. It is the start of the zodiac. Think of how hard its job is: As the leader of the zodiac, it gets the wheel turning anew so that the rest of the year can follow and flourish.

Every year, it starts with nothing.

Every year, it rises from the season of ice, and of death. The Earth herself has let go of last year’s harvest to make way for more.

Aries uses its fire to bring warmth to the frozen ground after winter. It is the thaw that allows for new growth to take root.

Aries season starts with a clean slate. Aries knows how to make-do with what it’s got – and depending on the harshness of winter, that’s usually not very much.

This year, spring came early. The slate got cleaned a couple of days sooner than expected. We were given a head start on the lessons that Aries can lead us through.

I don’t know about you, but I have felt so much more connected to the practice of gratitude lately.

I am grateful that my mother taught me to sew, and that I have held onto her box of sewing that overflows with threads and needles and buttons and scraps of fabric. I can make-do if something wears out. I can repair rather than replace.

I am grateful for being an only child, because I learned from very early on how to keep myself busy and entertained.

I am grateful for creativity, which is helping me find new ways to work, and new ways to connect with my body when my usual routines have gone out the window.

These are some of the pillars that I am connecting with at this time. The basic skills, the things we sometimes take for granted that already exist within us, are the strengths that can help us make-do.

How is Aries’ fire helping you to tap into your inner resources, your resilience, now?

It’s normal to feel unbalanced, urgent, and frenzied these days, too – that fire energy can be strong and can send us into hyper-active modes that can be intensively productive, or recipes for burnout.

If you are feeling ungrounded and you want to work to centre yourself a bit more, here are some practices to help you channel and re-route the energy of Aries season within the current context:

* How are you being inspired to make-do right now? If you’re not sure what that looks like yet, list three skills, or characteristics, that you have in your back pocket.

* What is one new way of life that you might consider for yourself moving forward? What might you change about your routine, or your outlook, that will improve your quality of life down the road?

* Where are you still rushing or keeping a hectic pace when you no longer need to? It can take time untangle from pressures and habits of busy-ness. What needs to feel fresh right now?

Aries doesn’t come along and start the same thing over again as the year before. Its archetype is the same, but how its energies get expressed are always a little bit different.

The zodiac reminds us that life is not about repeating patterns, but creating new ones.

Think of new growth in springtime. Flowers don’t grow the same blossoms as the year before; every year is fresh. Trees grow fresh leaves. The old growth has long fallen away. The old leaves from the fall are returning to the earth to become something new.

A final question for this time can be: What needs to be returned to the earth for you so that something new can grow in its place?

I know it’s always easy to embrace change. I can help you get grounded and feel better prepared.

Take care of yourself. Please feel free to reach out and let me know how you’re doing. I really enjoy hearing from you.

Until next time,

Liz xo

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