The seeds of our lives come in many forms

The Lovers Cosmic TarotI was interested to see the Lovers card emerge in this space once again.

We’re deep into Taurus season, a time when Venus reigns. In the northern hemisphere, this is when things come into bloom.

Over the weekend, we welcomed the New Moon in Taurus on Saturday, May 4. This New Moon has planted a seed in your life that can grow throughout the spring and beyond.

The resonance from Saturday’s New Moon can still be felt today.

Sometimes new moons make us a little tired, unfocused, or uncertain at first. While there’s always fanfare about new lunar cycles, it’s not uncommon to feel a little hazy when they finally arrive.

The energy of the Moon is so fresh, it’s like a seed buried in the soil. We can’t see it, and can’t always fathom what it might grow into.

Unless, of course, we’re consciously working with the Moon to plant seeds in our lives – or to pay attention to what wants to be planted.

Those seeds can come in many forms. Sometimes they arrive as ideas, or dreams. Sometimes they look like frustration or overwhelm.

Sometimes they come up in conversations, like when a friend makes a helpful suggestion, or a disagreement with a partner turns out to be a productive talk.

Sometimes seeds do come in bigger, more obvious ways, like an offer or invitation. But most of the time they are hidden, like the Moon is when it’s still new.

Bringing awareness to the passing of time allows us to notice the turning points in our lives, or the potential for growth, change, and emergence into a new chapter.

If you can, take some time for yourself to reflect on how you felt over the weekend.

What came up for you?
What did you think or talk about?
What inspired you?
What worried you?
What potential for change may be found in anything that occurred recently?

Of course, we don’t always need to create new things in our lives. Not every lunation will be necessary or applicable; sometimes all we can do, or need to do, is coast through it.

Yet it can be nice to simply honour the space new moons give us, if it’s only to take a moment to reflect on what’s happening in your life, to look at where the flowers are blossoming and where you may find the fruits of your current efforts in the coming months.

Today, Mercury enters Taurus after spending the last few weeks in fiery Aries.

This gives us all another chance to slow our thoughts and rest our minds. Aries can quicken our creativity and sharpen our tongues. It likes to move fast and can get caught up in inspiration and will act on its plans with desperate urgency.

Taurus asks for calm, care, and comfort. It teaches us the value of taking breaks and stopping to smell the roses, or whatever else is blossoming around you this spring season.

Allow yourself to luxuriate a little.

“My work begins in awareness.”

Until next time,

Liz xo

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