This week: Mercury goes direct, the Sun enters Libra, and the Fall Equinox arrives!

threeofcrystalsThe seeds of a new foundation have been planted for you in these past few weeks. Even if you’re not aware of what they might be yet, trust that they’re taking root.

That’s what’s happening in the Three of Crystals this week, and it’s been a big theme throughout the month of September.

As I mentioned in earlier forecasts, this is a big month astrologically. With the Sun in Virgo, a lot of us have been looking at where we feel we need to improve. That might mean taking better care of our bodies or our hearts. It might mean creating new routines, opening up to alternatives we hadn’t considered, or examining any unrealistic expectations.

We also had a solar and lunar eclipse, and Mercury’s been retrograde since August 30. Some might have been feeling Mercury’s impact more than the eclipse energy; Mercury is connected to our thoughts, and being such cerebral creatures, we tend to keep a lot of Mercury’s influence top of mind. (Sorry, I couldn’t help myself with that one!)

Eclipses can sometimes bring immediate, dramatic, change, but I’ve found that the turning points they bring are deeply rooted and so don’t always come clear until months down the road.

Whatever you’ve been feeling this month, the energy is continuing to shift. The Fall Equinox is coming up on Thursday and I already have those warm, fuzzy feels for big sweaters, boots, and pumpkin everything.

Of course, the Fall Equinox brings us much more than that. Symbolically, this is a day when we honour the duality of life and the balance of light and dark that is so necessary, and so part of the cycles we all live through. I can’t help but feel that these past few weeks have been preparing us all for our own personal harvests this fall.

September’s eclipses have helped to support the acts of reaping sowing, and Mercury has as well, editing out any bad crops that you might not want to count as part of your bounty.

Mercury goes direct on Thursday, and the Sun enters beautiful Libra then as well, all on the same day as the Equinox. How amazing it is to have all of this happening at once. I hope it’s a day that brings much inspiration for you. Libra’s balanced, kind, light-hearted energy can help to boost your mood if you’ve been finding these past few weeks particularly challenging.

What are you looking forward to most about this new season? What are you hoping to harvest now? It can be a special time to focus on seeing some rewards for your efforts.

If you’re interested in connecting with the energy of the Fall Equinox, I’m running special $25 email readings to help you see what’s coming up for you throughout the season, what you’ll be harvesting, what you can let go of before next spring, and more.

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And if it helps, here’s a mantra to work with throughout the week:

I am intentional with what I harvest, because I know that whatever I focus on is what will grow.

Happy Equinox. Until next time,

Liz xo