This week’s astrology: Mercury Retrograde, a Full Moon, and Lunar Eclipse

Five of Wands Cosmic TarotWhat a week this is going to be.

Mercury is now joining the ever-growing group of planets in retrograde right now (Mars, Saturn, Neptune, Pluto, and the centaur planet Chiron).

You know that I’m not one to panic about Mercury retrograde periods. Mercury only influences certain aspects of our lives, and is not here to introduce chaos into our lives so much as edits and revisions.

In paying attention to the influence of these cycles in my own life, I have noticed that I tend to take note of changes I want to make within my work, particularly my website and the ways I communicate my services.

And it is usually during the Mercury retrograde period that I sit down and start to put the nuts and bolts together to make the changes that I feel are necessary for where I’m at.

These can seem like small things, but they are an example of Mercury’s impact.

Your own edits may look very different from mine.

Maybe you are thinking of updating your resume to better highlight your accomplishments.

Or maybe you want to update your blog or re-style your social media pages.

Maybe you are thinking about better communicating your boundaries with friends or colleagues who keep stepping all over them.

Whatever may be going on, the small steps and re-evaluations that Mercury retrograde kicks towards us all help us to tweak the ways in which we show up in the world.

The changes may not always seem like a big deal at the time – though they can be irritating if they come to us unexpectedly, and outside of our own choosing – but they are meant to streamline the processes of our lives.

And those small changes can lead to big things later on, like more space, more relief, or more opportunity.

With this Mercury retrograde period moving through the sign of Leo, showing up will be a major theme for each of us.

In Leo, this retrograde period can be a time to ask yourself what your relationship is to the spotlight:

Are you getting credit where it’s due?

Are you feeling unappreciated?

Are you an artist, entrepreneur, or all-around badass who knows it’s time to put yourself out there more?

This retrograde period, which lasts until August 19, can ask you to become aware of where you need to step up your game.

Of course, some people out there might be thinking, “Maybe I need to dial it back.”

It can take a deeply aware person to admit when they are taking credit for someone else’s work, or when get more than they give within a relationship.

So think about where along the lines you might find yourself. The card for the week is the Five of Wands.

This message isn’t just about external conflict, but internal:

Where do you create drama in your life?

Where do you fight with various aspects of yourself?

Where are you sabotaging your own creativity, or competing for your own attention?

On Friday, July 27, the Full Moon in Aquarius arrives at 4:20pm, and with it a lunar eclipse.

This eclipse is part of the Leo / Aquarius eclipse series that began in August, 2016.

Friday’s lunation and eclipse will correspond back to the New Moon and solar eclipse in Aquarius of February 15, 2018.

So think back to any changes, intentions, or plans you were setting into motion, or thrown into earlier this year. There may be developments, or continuations, that echo back to the winter.

Another highly creative energy, this Full Moon will ask you to pay particular attention to themes of freedom.

Change may come through the need to make a sudden break away from an old pattern or situation. Whatever you are outgrowing, or not evolving through, will come under scrutiny.

Back in February, when we experienced the Aquarius New Moon and solar eclipse, I wrote, “This is a time to bring a new part of yourself forward.”

How have you changed since then? Who are you in the process of becoming? And in that process, what are you realizing you cannot take with you as move ahead?

These are the questions that can surface right now.

The universe is asking you to re-imagine your comfort zone. To envision a different reality, if you so choose.

Here is a mantra to take with you in the days ahead:

My spirit is my art. I shape it every day.

And if you’d like to work with this week’s Full Moon and lunar eclipse, here is a tarot spread to help:

1. What does this eclipse mean for me?
2. What does my soul want to experience next?
3. How can I experience freedom at this time?
4. What kind new reality can I dream into being?

Until next time,

Liz xo

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