This week’s energies ask you to re-commit to yourself

Princess of Cups Cosmic TarotIf you’ve been following these messages throughout June, you’ll have noticed themes of personal freedom and reclamation of the self.

We are fresh into Cancer season with the Sun having left Gemini last Friday, June 21. Throughout the spring we can learn so much about how to relate to ourselves, to nurture our own identities and desires as the Sun moves through Aries, Taurus and Gemini.

Now that the Sun in Cancer, we can begin to look at how our identities relate to the rest of the world.

Where do we integrate, and where do we stand apart?

How do we nurture our relationships without losing any aspects of ourselves in the process?

This week gives you another nudge in asserting your own path within a world that wants everyone to be going in the same direction.

It’s a time to untangle your mind and heart from the illusions out there. It’s a time to work on the parts of yourself that have been conditioned to think, feel, or act in ways that are not true to you.

It’s a time to get clear about what you like and what you want, regardless of whether it fits into the conventional narratives out there.

What part of yourself are you willing to fight for? What part of your identity are you ready to re-commit to?

There is a blend of fire and water in the sky right now that can allow you to give courage to your most sensitive wounds. There is support for mending the heart in a way that allows it to remain open, to reconnect to hope and tenderness no matter how confusing or unjust life can be.

The Page of Cups reflects this, reminding you to take time this week to fill up your own cup. To buoy yourself with a promise to make yourself happy, somehow, someway.

Mercury’s entry into Leo on Wednesday, June 26 can also bring an added boost of confidence and creativity into the air right now. It is all feeling very much like a “hear me roar” kind of week.

Let that pride shine through.

Until next time,

Liz xo

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