Time to shine: Welcoming the first full Moon of 2016

Ace of SwordsThe first full Moon of the year comes to us this weekend on Saturday, January 23. This Moon is in the fiery, expressive sign of Leo.

Leo can bring a lot of creative energy into whatever it’s doing. It has a lot of personality and likes to be seen and heard.

And even though Leo can be a bit of an attention seeker, it also needs to stand on its own, because if it comes down to choosing one over the other, Leo would rather steal the show than share it.

Full Moon energy can always bring a bit of a wild ride, but I think Saturday’s Moon is going to bring a lot of optimism and energy. If you’re ready to tap into what this Moon can offer, then it can bring a bit of a reprieve to some of the more serious, structured vibes that have come in throughout January.

With Mercury still in retrograde until Monday, January 25, I think Saturday’s full Moon can bring some excellent creative insights and inspiration. If you find yourself craving connection, wanting to share a sneak peek into a new project, or in the mood to organize a last-minute get together with friends, you are probably tapping into that Leo energy.

As fun as this full Moon can be, I also think it will bring in some highly constructive energy when it comes to asserting our independence, or breaking away from something that’s starting to stifle our energy.

Full Moons are potent times to let go, and the current Mercury retrograde has been highlighting areas in our lives that need to be examined and adjusted. Leo’s influence on Saturday can show you where it’s time to shine.

Are you hiding in the shadows, afraid of making your voice heard?

Are you relying too much on what someone else thinks? Have you been looking for validation from experts, friends, or family rather than listening to your heart?

What can you now step away from in order to express yourself even little more? This might mean giving yourself permission to speak up more at work. Or it might be (finally) telling a parent or sibling that you don’t want their unsolicited advice.

It could even be in deciding you won’t listen to any negative self-talk anymore. When that little voice inside rears up and says, “I don’t know if you can pull this off,” Saturday can be your day to work out the perfect response to shoot back at it whenever that voice tries to weasel its way into your big plans.

What do you want to unveil this year? What kind of courage will it take to share it with the world?

If you feel it’s time to break free from something or someone that is cramping your style, or making you hesitate to express yourself in any way, Saturday’s full Moon can be a good day to work on releasing it.

Think of it as a move towards newfound independence, even if you are breaking away from a thought or fear that comes from within. You don’t need it anymore, so let it go.

While writing this post, I pulled a card from my deck and it was the Ace of Swords – to be or not to be. This is a card that urges us to move forward with clarity about who and what we want to be in the world.

It marks a new beginning when it comes to shaping your identity, and says it’s time to decide what you are all in on, and what you are all out on. What a perfect message ahead of this weekend’s full Moon.

If you have your own tarot deck and want to do a reading to tap into this Moon’s energy, here is a spread I’ve created for you to try at home:

Card #1: What is it time for me to break away from?
Card #2: What is it time for me to see in myself?
Card #3: What is a step I can now take towards creative freedom?
Card #4: What is it time for me to express?
Card #5: How can I shine in 2016?

If you give this spread a try, I would love to hear how it went for you! lizworth@gmail.com

And remember, I’m always available for private readings in person and via Skype. Interested in setting something up? You can do that through my website.