Today the Sun moves into Aries: Welcoming Ostara, or the Spring Equinox, a season of NEW

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Happy Spring! For those of us living on the northern hemisphere, today marks the first day of spring, or Ostara.

This is also the day when the Sun enters Aries. I always think of the first day of spring – or the start of Aries season – as the true first day of the year. While ambitious Capricorn does well to help us ring in January 1st, it climbs and climbs so high up its mountain that we end up ascending into the cosmos with Aquarius and Pisces.

And with Pisces, the wheel is coming to the end of its turn. That’s where we face our own higher power, coming full circle with a deeper understanding of where the past year has brought us.

Aries starts off a whole new zodiac cycle. Symbolized by the ram and ruled by Mars, this sign needs to be tough and strong because it has a big job to do. Where the ground is still cold and barren from winter, Aries needs to push its way up into the world, like a tiny seed fighting against frozen earth. And as it pushes and pushes, it kicks off a whole new cycle of growth.

Aries season is fire energy. It just wants to get going. If you feel a pull to do, make, say, act…then go for it. That’s what this time is for.

The Six of Cups was a bit of a funny card to show up. I of course was hoping for something more fitting to the Aries tone, but the more I thought about it, the more I felt the Six of Cups could make a lot of sense here. The image here is quite dreamy, but also a bit dark. The woman looks back to a castle that’s disappearing into the night. There is a trail of cups that look like they’ve been leading her away from the past, but now she’s not sure if she should go back, or continue to move on… 

This is typically a card of nostalgia, of looking back at what was rather than at what can still be. And while it’s generally a happy card, it does bring a reminder to stay realistic:

Are you viewing the world through rose-coloured glasses?
Are you stuck in the past, longing for something that is no more, or that cannot ever be?

Drop any old ideals or old notions. Do whatever spring cleaning is necessary, whether it’s within your personal realm or within an actual physical space.

Think back, as well, to February 2, the halfway point between winter and spring when the ghosts of new beginnings start to become stronger threads in our lives.

The energy is shifting now towards the new, the open. In this Six of Cups card, the woman is on the cusp of a bright new day. The light is creeping up behind her; eventually, she’ll have to face it, as the past will be too distant to find once the dark descends.

When a card like shows up, my question is: What’s out frame? What is beyond the border that we can’t see?

Perhaps these are some questions you might like to ask for yourself. What is that you feel compelled towards, even if it’s not fully visible yet?

Remember that seeds take time to grow. There’s a lot of growth to take place under the soil first, before we can even see what may blossom once a sprout breaks the surface of the earth.

Aries is a time to move toward the new, trusting that something is ready to happen.

Here’s a mantra you can work with to connect to this fresh energy:

I open to the present moment, and the seeds of the future. 

Until next time,

Liz xo