Transforming the energy around you

The Sun Cosmic TarotThe Sun is the card I pulled for this week.

In a world that feels so chaotic, ugly, and unpredictable much of the time, it can be a strange, contradictory experience when we, as individuals, experience something good.

Of course, there are other experiences to filter through, too. Like when we are experiencing so much of our own pain, strife, and turmoil that we can’t imagine taking on the weight of the world through a news story, or a social media timeline.

It can be easier – necessary even – to turn it all off and tune it all out sometimes.

I think about these things a lot when I write these messages, especially when I see beautiful cards like the Sun show up, or when I think about the benevolent energies that may be dancing out around us in the universe.

And of course, it doesn’t mean that every moment will be good. It doesn’t mean that we’re all going to be experiencing the same highs and lows together.
Following energies and omens always requires balance and discernment for each of us on an individual basis. We all need to decide what applies to us, and how relate these things to our own experiences – or not.

I never want to share these messages in a way that sounds flippant or naïve. I never want to bypass the full spectrum of life itself.

Instead, I believe that the more we accept and acknowledge that there is chaos in the world, the more conscious we become of ways to make space for the good.

Ignoring the challenges doesn’t make them go away.

And sometimes, when I see the Sun card, I take it as a reminder to enjoy the little things in life, but to also be careful not to become blinded by the light to the point where I can no longer see the truth.

Earlier this year, I met with one of my spiritual teachers. She told me she committed to her spiritual path seventeen years ago as a way to help eliminate chaos in the world. She teaches and counsels, hoping to reach just one person at a time. The basis of her teachings is simple:

Pause before you respond to anything.
Make time to do little things for other people.
Remember that there is a bigger picture in all that we do.
A moment’s impulse causes us to lose sight of our greater purpose.

I have thought a lot about these ideas lately. Especially as we wind down 2018 and start to look ahead to a fresh calendar year.

There have been so many terrible things happening in the world lately. And yes, I know that we can say is true throughout all of history, but this is our moment, our time, and still, we wonder:

Where is the progress?
What is it all leading to?
And are we using our potential – our technologies, medicines, knowledge, spirituality, creativity – to its full capacity?

And then I think how overwhelming those questions can be, and so I take myself back to the messages of my teacher:

That we can work against chaos through patience and kindness. By coming through for each other by…

…holding the elevator door for someone else (even if you’re in a hurry)…
…wishing someone well with their success (even when you’re struggling to make it)…
…making time to see a friend who might really need a night out (even though your to-do list is piling up).

This week, the Moon is waxing, and so our emotional energies can grow, too. What might you make space for in your heart right now?

Where might you ask someone else to make space for you?

And when Mercury enters fiery Sagittarius again this Wednesday, December 12, where might you be asked to apply these ideas further?

Mercury in Sagittarius can cause people to react quicker than they should.

It may be more challenging to practice patience right now, but when that challenge arises, it’s a notice from the universe to be more careful than usual.

The energies of the week ahead ask:

Where can you transform any collective rage, anger, or resentment and counteract it with a joyful, simple, generous act?

Until next time,

Liz xo

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