Triple threat: Mercury retrograde, an eclipse, and a New Moon all in one week…

Wheel of FortuneWelcome to an action-packed week! Astrologically, these next few days have a lot going on: Mercury goes retrograde tomorrow, and then a New Moon and a solar eclipse take place within minutes of each other on Thursday.

If you’re a regular reader of these forecasts, you might remember that the Wheel of Fortune showed up for us here recently. It’s back again, with its oh-so-necessary reminder that life is what you make it, and sometimes riding its ups and downs is the best way to create new opportunities for yourself. Going with the flow keeps you open and ready to receive what’s coming your way.

That’s why I always think it helps to understand the energies that are affecting us. This is why astrology matters.  When we start to understand how we are individually and collectively influenced by our solar system, we start to flow with the changing tides, rather than unknowingly fight against them.

Last week, the Sun moved into Virgo and wow, I forgot how much that shift from Leo’s fire into Virgo’s earth gets me. Did you feel a change? Virgo really slows me down, but in a good way. I feel calmer, more relaxed, and more willing to let myself rest rather than rush around trying to squeeze in every last detail into each day.

Virgo reminds me to nurture myself in soft, comforting ways, but it can have a different impact on you depending on what it is you need. For some, Virgo initiates new health regimes and exercise plans, or other acts of necessary self-care. Whether it’s having some “real talk” with yourself about changes you need to make, or work that can no longer be put off, Virgo has a way of getting things organized in all the right places.

With the Virgo New Moon coming up on Thursday, September 1 – paired up with a solar eclipse – I think there’s going to be some very necessary healing taking place. The word “portal” has been coming up for me a lot lately that’s how I see this week’s energy coming about.

This Thursday has a lot potent, cleansing energy. One thing about Virgo’s energy is that it can tend towards perfectionism, so some of us might receive some tough love messages, but it might just the medicine we need to get real and get moving.

Eclipses have a way of clearing debris from our lives that we didn’t even know was getting in the way. Messages and insights can come out of the void, from places we haven’t been able to see into. The shifts that take place this Thursday will unfold throughout the next six months and beyond, pushing you to look at what isn’t aligning with your higher self and what you feel is your personal truth. If you are craving transformation, this is a powerful time to reset your path.

But what about that Mercury retrograde on Tuesday, August 30? Mercury is in Virgo as well, protected by Venus and Jupiter, which gives this retrograde a sense of protection and good fortune. It seems to be a retrograde that can bring some luck with it. I know that’s not a concept typically associated with Mercury retrogrades, but this one is a bit different.

The usual communication breakdowns that we tend to see when Mercury is retrograde will likely have some beneficial support from Venus, helping to smooth things over.

That doesn’t mean there won’t be challenges. Mercury can get into our heads; sometimes, you might find that during a Mercury retrograde you feel worried, or on edge, even though nothing is actually going wrong. Sometimes, just feeling like the sky is about to fall is enough to put you over the edge.

So remember that message from the Wheel of Fortune: Go with the flow, and trust that even if something isn’t going your way today, your luck will change and things will turn around.

If it helps, here’s a mantra you can work with throughout the week:

I surrender to any changes that are coming my way, knowing that they are clearing my path and revealing my truth.

And if you have a tarot deck at home and want to do a reading to connect with this week’s New Moon energy, here’s a simple spread for you work with:

1. What must now become clear for me?
2. What change is this eclipse instigating for me?
3. Which of my needs is not being met?
4. What can I do to bring positive change into my life?
Happy New Moon!

Until next time,

Liz xo

p.s. If you’re curious about astrology and want to learn more about how past, present, and future alignments affect you, I would love to read your chart! Book an Astro Oracle session with me here.