Turning points with Jupiter retrograde

Three of Pentacles Cosmic TarotWe turn a corner this week with Jupiter retrograde beginning on Wednesday, April 10 until August 10.

This means the planet of opportunity and expansion will be asking us to reflect and revise the opportunities or goals we’ve been working on so far this year.

Jupiter is in Sagittarius for most of 2019. Overall, its journey this year is an opportunity to look at what will set you free.

Sagittarius teaches us that freedom isn’t always found in material gain. Instead, it says that freedom can be found within the mind and spirit, that what we read, learn, explore, or create can be the ways in which we cross boundaries.

Sagittarius reminds us, too, of the importance of spirituality, philosophy, and hope. With Jupiter’s expansive energy having come home to Sagittarius since December 2018, we all have the chance to broaden our personal and spiritual horizons.

Sometimes when we grow in these ways, we experience a domino effect in other areas of our lives.

Everything is connected.

As Jupiter in Sagittarius has been helping to look at the ways in which we want to experience our lives, it can make us aware of what we’ll need to grow out of first.

When people hear the word “retrograde,” they sometimes get nervous. Especially when it’s connected to a planet of luck and abundance like Jupiter: “Will my luck run out? Will I make less money during retrograde? Will everything slow down?”

It’s not as black and white as that – looking at astrology as good vs. bad is too limiting. Truthfully, we never really know how anything will impact us until it happens, and even then, our own individual circumstances, preferences, priorities and problem-solving styles will play a role, too.

During this year’s retrograde period, Jupiter will backtrack over the same places it visited throughout the winter and early spring. These next four months ask you to think back to what you’ve been working on since January 12, or what new goals or interests have been on your mind since then.

Jupiter’s giving you an opportunity to look over your own progress right now. Retrogrades have a way of bringing us second chances, or time to edit and refine our lives.

Because Jupiter can be a busy planet – its motto might “more is more” – it can force to see what we need to put down in order to be able to pick up something else.

There may be opportunities or ideas you weren’t ready to flesh out when they first came around in the winter.

There may be extra work you’ve taken on this year, only to realize it’s not what you want, or what you need right now.

There may be big dreams you’ve been putting off – maybe you started 2019 with the intentions to go big this year, but haven’t made a move to make it all happen yet.

Let this Jupiter retrograde be a time to take a second look at what’s blocking your freedom or your growth.

Take inspiration from the Three of Pentacles that showed up for this week’s message. Here, we see an image of a structure being built. Work is underway, but there’s so much more that this can become.

Go back to the blueprints to see if you still like the plans, or if you want to draft something bigger and better than originally sketched out.

Freedom comes in making choices, and also in realizing that we don’t have to do everything all the time. That growth sometimes comes when we allow ourselves to do less so that we can focus on what’s truly important.

Remember that Jupiter is a slower moving planet compared to others like the Moon, Mercury or Venus, which is why this retrograde period is four months. Don’t pressure yourself to have its messages fully decoded just yet; the big reveal will culminate once Jupiter goes direct in August.

If it helps, here’s an intention to work with this week and throughout Jupiter retrograde:

“I’m focusing on the things that make me feel free.”

Until next time,

Liz xo

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