Uncovering unfinished business with Mercury retrograde this month

Queen of Swords Cosmic Tarot

Shhh. Listen: What is calling you home?

Mercury retrograde began yesterday, Sunday, July 7 in the sign of Leo. Mercury will remain in Leo until Friday, July 19 when it slips back into the sign of Cancer, which it had already visited in June.

With this retrograde beginning in Leo, we can do some serious shadow work around any oppressive needs to fit in, conform, or be seen in ways that don’t serve our authentic selves.

This retrograde period encourages you to reframe your relationship to this world that constantly asks: “How are you measuring up?”

Separate yourself from the hungry, attention-seeking energies that consume so much of our time these days. Become aware of the comparison games we play with ourselves every time we log on, check in, or update our status:

“Am I being seen as much as I was yesterday? Am I being heard today? Does what I have to say even matter?”

These are the questions that our plugged-in world plants into our psyches, whether we are conscious of it or not.

July’s Mercury retrograde urges you to remind yourself that your identity offline is the one that matters most. It’s a time to look at whether our creative energies, imaginations, and potentials are too tied up in the fleeting moments of technology and the ego-driven demands it places on our self-worth and emotional securities.

As Mercury slips back in Cancer on July 19, you are being called to come back home to yourself. To look at the state of your heart and ask it: “What am I putting you through?”

Look at the most tender parts of yourself. Are they healthy, or hurting?

What is it that they need at this time? Where have they gotten tired, dragged down, or discouraged?

Beware of the tricks this world plays upon you. The pressures we have been led to believe we have to live up when it comes to the pace of life, the race to the top, and the endless popularity contests are all false friends.

The satisfaction these things can bring is ephemeral. Your soul isn’t concerned with Instagram likes or politics at the office. Your soul isn’t here to pad a resume or make another LinkedIn connection.

No: It’s here to show the way back to your deepest truths. It’s here to connect you to the meaning of the little things that make you happier than anything transpiring on the world’s many stages.

“Come home,” your soul is saying.

I pulled the Queen of Swords for this week’s message. Here she is, ready to make a cut. Ready to state her truth.

Mercury retrograde periods are prime time for editing our lives, letting go of the excess and re-focusing our priorities.

What will you cut loose in order to find your way home?

Until next time,

Liz xo

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