Venus conjunct Pluto + the planet of love in Aquarius

The Devil Cosmic TarotThis Friday, March 1, Venus, the planet of love, desire, and beauty, enters Aquarius, the sign of rebellion, future dreams, and idealistic visions.

Aquarius is always an interesting place for Venus. Venus helps us to relate, but Aquarius can have an emotional chill to it. That doesn’t mean it’s not a nice sign – it is highly social and compassionate – but it expresses itself differently.

Aquarius doesn’t always need to emote in the same way that some of the other signs do, like watery Pisces or passionate Leo. Some signs are wired to connect through deep feelings and intense conversations, and others are made to relate through ideas, notions, and actions – like Aquarius.

Aquarius also gravitates towards the unconventional. It doesn’t care what anyone else thinks, which is also why it can come across as detached. Aquarius is drawn to people and concepts that are different, eccentric, or unusual.

And so when Venus enters Aquarius, we are given the opportunity to open to new, personal experiences. To try on a different style, whether it’s through the clothes we’re wearing or the art we’re creating.

Try out a new hobby, especially if it’s creative. Venus in Aquarius can be inventive, experimental, and avant-garde – perfect for exploring new artistic practices, whether you are creating them or supporting them.

It’s also an opportunity to open to new ways of relating. It can be an interesting time to seek new connections, new social encounters, or, if you’re dating, to give someone a chance that isn’t your usual type.

Venus in Aquarius might also help us to see whether there are any old relationship habits, patterns, or beliefs that are keeping us stuck.

Late last week, on Friday, February 22, Venus conjunct Pluto, which may have stirred up some realizations around relationship attachments, dependencies, or power struggles that are not serving you any longer.

With Venus now moving into Aquarius, there can be an opportunity to seize a new sense of independence, or carve out a new identity within existing relationships.

Sometimes, we can lose ourselves in other people, and the universe helps to nudge back to our own minds, and hearts, so that we tend to our own paths as much as we are to someone else’s.

The Devil was the card that came up for this week, which speaks perfectly to the opportunity to untangle from any relationship ruts, or from any reliances that you have on old ideas or old desires that have you going around in circles.

What are you ready to break free from?
What are you ready to do differently?
Where are you ready for a breath of fresh air, or a change in perspective?

Until next time,

Liz xo


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