Venus enters Aquarius this week. Here’s what it means for you.

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page-of-swords“Cut to the heart of your truth.”

That’s the phrase that ran through my head when I pulled the Page of Swords for this week’s forecast. Venus enters Aquarius this week, on Wednesday, December 7, and I that was on my mind as I pulled a card.

Venus represents comfort, beauty, sensuality, and femininity. But the sign of Aquarius, which represents the element of air, typically earthy Venus gets way ahead of her time. Aquarius is eccentric, progressive, and unconventional. It can be ahead of its time.

Ruled by innovative Uranus, Aquarius can be very future-oriented. That’s why it’s such a great social advocate. Unifying and visionary, Aquarius can be a radical activist and revolutionary, especially when it comes to championing the underdog.

And so the Page of Swords really resonated for this week’s reading. Also in the element of air, this card encourages us to carve out a new path. Venus in Aquarius can encourage the unconventional, rebellious aspects of ourselves. This combination is forward-thinking, feminist, and expansive.

How timely is it – given the political climate around the globe, the continuous push for equality, the ongoing need to advocate for ourselves and each – that Venus would enter Aquarius at this time? This influence will last until early January and I’m hoping that it might inspire some brave, bold new steps in each of us.

For example, this can be a powerful time to take an action that can help break stereotypes and encourage a more nurturing, honest, connection. The word “foster” keeps coming to mind as I think about the energy of Venus. Yes, she is a feminine planet, but her influence affects us all. We don’t have to be women, mothers, daughters, or sisters to work with this transit.

Body image overall can be a big theme with Venus in Aquarius. You may find yourself deciding to break away from mainstream media’s influence over how you see yourself, for example. Discussions around gender constructs may rise up with this transit, too.

Artistic expression will also run right now. If you are a creative person who has been aching to push the boundaries, experiment, and come up with something no one has ever seen before, these coming weeks are the time to act.

Whatever you choose to do at this time, make sure it lifts you up, helps you to connect with a future vision of yourself or the world you wish to live in, and aim to inspire someone in the process – even if it’s just one person.

And remember: At the basis of everything we do during this time, our own truths must be honoured. The element of air upholds integrity. Anything done with false pretenses will be at risk of being uprooted, blown away by even the slightest of winds.

If helps, here is a mantra you can work with throughout the week:

Be honest. Be bold. Be true.”

Until next time,

Liz xo

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