Venus enters Scorpio this week. What does this mean for you?

Ace of CupsJupiter and Venus, our two benefic planets, are soon both going to be in Scorpio. Jupiter has already been in the sign of power, death, rebirth, sexuality, and the esoteric since October 10.

This Tuesday, November 7, Venus will also enter Scorpio, where Venus is said to be in detriment. What that means is that she feels challenged here.

Venus wants to be soft, sensual, comfortable. She wants everything to be beautiful. And yet here she is, wandering through Scorpio’s underworld for the rest of the month.

It’s easy to hop online and find any number of dire predictions when we see planets transiting through difficult territory. To be honest, I don’t buy into any one type of astrological prediction wholeheartedly.

For one reason, these transits will always affect each of us in our own ways. Sometimes, certain people don’t feel transits at all because the energies that are coming are not what they need, or because there is something in their own astrological charts that may have more weight for them individually.

We can’t feel everything all the time, astrologically or otherwise. If we did, life would be overwhelming to the point of not being able to process the growth, experiences, and lessons that the universe is asking us to move through.

So is Venus in Scorpio a bad thing? I don’t think so.

I love Scorpio energy. (But truth is, I’m Scorpio rising, so I’m biased.) I love this time of year and the magic and mystery is brings.

When Venus gets into a Scorpio groove, we have to remember that Scorpio is intense. Ruled by Pluto, it has no fear of its own depths. This means that within our relationships, we may be pushed to look at how deeply we can commit, or how willing we are to do so.

Themes of power dynamics can come up at this time, too. Venus likes to partner, but Scorpio can act as a mirror that reflects back all our secrets. So be prepared for honesty and raw truth-telling.

Venus in Scorpio can also ask each of us, on a personal level, to get honest about how relate to our sexuality and how those aspects of ourselves have been influenced by society, trauma, shame, and other external factors. Venus in Scorpio can begin to reveal pathways to sexual healing, or sexual reclamation.

Sometimes, Venus in Scorpio can feel challenging because it does ask us to do the work first. If Scorpio is about death and rebirth, then death must come first in order to experience the transformation that lives on the other side.

So think of this as a time to heal relationships through honesty and clarity. Get any secrets out in the open, if the time is right to do so. And even if secrets come to the surface that you would rather have kept in the dark, trust that this may be Venus at work, urging you to get it all out into the open now. The time may be right, even if it hurts at first.

For those who want to work with Venus in Scorpio, but don’t resonate with Venus’ relationship-driven aspects, you might want to think of this transit as one where you can explore your relationship to the divine feminine and the esoteric, particularly through the energies of the dark goddesses.

Think: Hekate, the Morrigan, Lilith.

Think about what it might mean for you to reclaim your own darkness, or perhaps to challenge something in your own life that feels illusory or disempowering.

Think, too, about what you might like to create. Venus is a patron of the arts, and in Scorpio, she can help you create something intense, dark, raw, and real.

Next Monday, Jupiter and Venus will form a conjunction, expanding each other’s energies. We’ll talk more about that with next week’s forecast.

Overall, November can be an interesting month, one that helps us all to feel emotionally renewed and recharged as Scorpio helps us to clear away what no longer serves.

We see this in this week’s card, the Ace of Cups, a card of new beginnings, new hope, and new optimism. Whatever challenges may arise in the coming weeks will be followed by clarity and an opening of the heart.

 If it helps, here is a mantra for you to work with in the week ahead:

I am ready for my true self to be revealed.

Until next time,

Liz xo

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