Venus in Cancer and Uranus retrograde: What you need to know

Nine of WandsVenus, the planet of love and beauty, moves into Cancer today. It forms an opposition to the asteroid Juno, which is in Capricorn.

While asteroids don’t rank as high as planets in astrology, they can still influence us, like anything else in our environment. And this opposition is an interesting one: Both Venus and Juno connect to love and relationships. Juno shows us where we commit, or what types of partnerships we enter into.

In Capricorn, Juno can bring up commitments to work – as in work may come before love, which might be love for another person, or love for a passion or a calling.

It can also imply a rigid partnership, one that may feel inflexible at times.

Venus in Cancer, on the other hand, can be motivated by emotional security. It is soft and sensitive. It puts the heart before the head – and before the career.

And so this week may introduce a push-and-pull effect between your head and your heart. It may bring about some strain between your commitment to work and your commitment to your loved ones. It may trigger some questions around what gives you more security: Your work, or your relationships.

There is no right or wrong choice, necessarily. It is only about knowing what feels right for you, right now, and where your gut is telling you to land.

Tomorrow, Tuesday, August 1, is Lammas (“loaf mass”), the half-way point between the Summer Solstice and Fall Equinox. Lammas reminds us of the harvest time that is just around the corner. It reminds us to check in on what we have been growing since the Spring Equinox.

It is also a time of giving, or of sacrifice. This is done to make way for something new to enter once we reap what we’ve sown this fall. You might want to take some time in the days ahead to go through any clothes you haven’t worn in a while, or clean up your storage space.

This Thursday, August 3rd, Uranus goes retrograde. Yup! We have a lot of retrogrades right now as Uranus joins Pluto, Neptune, Saturn, and Chiron.

Uranus rules freedom, rebellion, and innovation. On a personal level, Uranus retrograde can stir up a greater need for control within your own life. It can get you thinking about what kind of rules you want to play by, and who you’re willing to listen to.

Uranus is still in Aries, a sign of leadership, force, and competition. Aries can be aggressive and fast-acting. It’s also very pioneering if it applies itself correctly. If not, it can be impulsive, competitive, and impatient.

Whatever Aries is doing, it has to be careful to remember to look before it leaps sometimes. Otherwise it can rush into situations and cause chaos without having thought things through first.

Collectively, I’ll be interested to see how this retrograde influences the political climate. Donald Trump was elected under last year’s Uranus retrograde. In May 2018, Uranus will move into Taurus, bringing sweeping change.

For you personally, Uranus retrograde is slower, internal work. It’s a planet that awakens things within and stirs you towards action and change, though you might not see the results of any realizations right away. Let it do its work. Listen to your inner rebel. Listen to any whispers of change that arise between now and January 2018, when Uranus will go direct.

The Nine of Wands showed up for this week’s forecast. Traditionally, the Nine of Wands depicts a tremendous outpouring of energy, sometimes bordering on burnout or futility despite being so close to completing a goal.

But with the Starchild Tarot, the energy is quite different. Here, it makes me think of dream weaving. Of imagining something into being. Of holding space for what you are ready to create and committing to making it happen.

It brings me back to what I was saying about Venus opposite Juno. Remember that Venus is highly creative. Stay aware of commitments that might block you from your creative source, or from your heart, from your love, from your passion.

Stay open to anything that challenges you with uneasy commitments, or outdated obligations, either personally or professionally.  

Remember that Uranus retrograde will come through and ask that you knock down whatever is blocking you from knowing your freedom.

Here’s your mantra for the week:

Dream it, and then do it.

Until next time,

Liz xo

p.s. I’m back! Thank you so much for being patient while I took some time away to rest and recharge. I’m resuming private appointments and classes starting August 1:  

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