Venus moves into Aries this week. Things are about to get interesting.

seven-of-cupsFor those of you who’ve been following these posts for some time now, you might have noticed that certain cards show up more frequently than others. Earlier this month, we had the Three of Crystals make yet another appearance.

This week, the Seven of Cups returns for the second time in a row. In my last message, I’d mentioned that I wasn’t surprised to see it show up, given the astrological energies of the week ahead.

I really should know better by now to expect the unexpected with tarot, but the cards never cease to amaze me. Here, the Seven of Cups has popped up again as we head into a new week.

Last Friday, a new lunar cycle began with the New Moon in Aquarius. That was followed by Mars’ move into Aries on Saturday. These opened us up to fresh energy, renewed determination, and untapped motivation. We were brought to the threshold of a new, exciting beginning.

Did you choose to step through that doorway? Sometimes, you might want to connect with the energy of the Moon or the planets, but don’t always have an intention to set into motion. If you ever find yourself at a point where you’re not sure which direction to go in, remember that you can always use these times to simply ask the universe, “What am I being pointed towards?”

And if you feel like your lack of knowing is a rut in itself, then you can also use a new lunar cycle to decide to end that rut this time around.

And the shadow side of the Seven of Cups is very much about inactivity. Tons of potential hangs in the balance of this card. But with so much potential, we can become paralyzed by choice.

We can also enjoy our ideas so much that we are reluctant to transform them into anything more than fantasy. In the Seven of Cups, it can be so comfortable to think about the possibilities of what might be that we end up dreaming our lives away.

This Friday, February 3 (side note: How is it February already?), Venus follows Mars into the action-oriented sign of Aries.

Venus can feel challenged in the sign of Aries, as she can’t as easily express herself in Aries’ masculine energy – at least many traditional astrologers will say.

But I like to see this as a much more dynamic placement. Why can’t the masculine and feminine come together? Why can’t we embrace our soft, sensitive sides as much as we can our inner warriors?

Maybe it’s time to find new ways to marry the two within ourselves. Rather than feeling as though we have to do decide on one way to be, maybe it’s time to embrace all aspects of ourselves equally.

That would help to cut through any indecision, and help to open up to the flow of the Seven of Cups. This is a card that’s based in the element of water, after all. Even if it can speak to resistance, eventually, something in the dam will come loose and the river will break through.

So I see this week as a continuation of the process that began over the weekend. This is a time to embrace your personal power – whatever that means to you – and move confidently towards the potential that you see hanging in the balance.

Here’s a mantra for you to work with throughout the week:

I don’t have to be “either, or.” I can just be all that I am.

Until next time,

Liz xo

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