Venus retrograde horoscopes: October 5 to November 16 2018

VenusVenus retrograde doesn’t happen very often. The planet of love, art, beauty, and creativity only enters retrograde periods every 18 months or so.

This time around, Venus is retrograde in Scorpio and will later slip back into Libra.

We’ll have over a month to take a deep dive into our most personal places. Venus retrograde provides an opportunity to uncover, or recover, a part of yourself that has been lost, hidden, dormant, or neglected.

It is a time to dust off old creative projects, or to become re-inspired in an area of your life that was previously blocked.

During Venus retrograde, we can tap into hidden talents and find secret blessings throughout our lives. The trick is being willing to stay open and aware to what surfaces for you now.

Venus retrograde also allows us to reclaim aspects of ourselves that have become buried within our relationships, be they personal, professional, or familial.

We get to sort through the stories we’ve inherited through other people’s narratives and decide for ourselves whether they truly apply to our identities or not.

Some big questions can come up during Venus retrograde. They may feel uncomfortable, but they can help us to transform, or at least relieve ourselves of something that can no longer support our paths:

Do our relationships hold space for how we want to feel, emotionally and physically?

Do our friends lift us up, or keep us down?

Do the boundaries and expectations within our personal lives help us to be all that we are, or is something getting in the way?

Do we let people take more than they give?

Are we taking care of ourselves to ensure our deepest needs are being met?

Venus retrograde reminds us that self-care isn’t just about bubble baths or indulgences. That it’s about working through stressors, managing our time, and allowing ourselves the room we need to attend to even our most basic needs. Like having time to run our errands, or having time to get a full night’s sleep.

Read on for your individual horoscope below to see how Venus retrograde can work for you.

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Pay attention to what’s happening within your social circle this fall. Venus retrograde is highlighting your friendships, asking you to be aware of any connections that you feel you’ve outgrown, or need to move on from.

If you do find yourself re-evaluating your social circle, I have a feeling that some of these decisions are not exactly major breakthroughs – this is stuff you’ve been thinking about throughout the year already.

Even though Venus Rx might not be telling you anything you don’t know already, it might give you the confidence and clarity you’ve been waiting for. If you need to cut some ties, now is the time to do it.

Remember, too, that retrogrades have a way of bringing people back from the past. If you’ve lost touch with someone, or want to try to rekindle a friendship after an old falling out, now is the time to give it a shot.

Just make sure that any relationship you start up again is given new terms and new understandings. Retrogrades can give us second chances, or at least encourage us to try for them, and the point of Venus retrograde is to get it right this time around, rather than repeat the same mistakes as before.


Retrogrades have a way of asking us to slow down. We can’t constantly push forward all the time, despite a life that may demand us to do so anyway.

Where do you want to re-work your sense of self-care right now, Taurus? What are the things you absolutely know you need in your life in order to feel organized, responsible, and in charge of your own day, every day?

This is not a time to let life slip from your grasp. You might find that a job, relationship, or situation is demanding more of you right now.

You might also feel that need to redefine your time and draw new lines in the sand when it comes to who has access to your schedule, and when. See this as an unofficial invitation to step into a new sense of power, one that will allow you to create the space you need not only to survive, but to thrive.

And by all means, let your old habits die if they need to. Taureans have a way of clinging to things longer than they need to, but with your ruler in Scorpio for much of this retrograde, you will have a chance to learn how to let things go.


What’s your relationship to relating, Gemini?

the cloud planet in a fantasy stage scene

That’s a question to consider during this Venus retrograde.

You have the opportunity now to refine some of the skills that can make or break your relationships.

Ask yourself how you can be a better listener.

Ask yourself if you need to interrupt more, or less.

Ask yourself if you need to give different advice, or scale back the tendency to tell others what to do.

Ask yourself what it means to relate to what someone else is saying, even if they’re talking about something you have never experienced before.

This Venus retrograde may show you that sometimes, the best thing you can do for someone else is to sit back and witness. Or, let someone talk things through rather than feeling it’s your job to figure it out for them.

Stay open to any lessons or realizations that arise now about where previous relationships went sideways for you. You might begin to see that you had more to do with a fallout than you knew at the time. Take heart, and forgive yourself. Know that you are older, wiser, and better this time around.


Are you ready to do some treasure hunting, Cancer? I have a feeling that this Venus retrograde can be particularly potent for your creative dreams.

Your sign has a tendency to do so much for others, but it can come at the expense of your sense of self. And that can mean compromising your urge to express, explore, or create.

I’m not saying that you need go out and become the next Picasso. When I talk about creativity, I talk see it as anything that inspires you.

Engaging in creativity can mean engaging in art of any kind. Like reading a great book, or watching a movie you’ve always wanted to see.

Stay open, too, to old passions or ideas that you thought you left behind by now. Venus retrogrades have a way of inspiring people to get back to projects left undone. You might want to browse through your old journals or notebooks to see if you are sitting on a golden idea that’s yet to be hatched.

With all the passion this retrograde is stirring up for you, don’t be surprised if catch yourself fantasizing about old lovers, or the ones that got away. If you feel suddenly nostalgic, resist the temptation to open old doors to the past. Appreciate what was, but trust that it’s history for a reason.


What are the roots that you sprang from, Leo? What value systems did you inherit from your immediate family, and your greater lineage?

During her retrograde, Venus is asking you to examine what’s most important to you, and why you believe it matters.

Within this process, she is also asking that you pay very close attention to the values that were handed down to you, but that you might not have chosen to adopt otherwise.

This can be a powerful time for you to shift your energy towards the things that matter most to you, if you are willing to step away from any false beliefs that you have been living under.

What have you taught yourself about love?
What have you taught yourself about family?
What have you taught yourself about work?

Look the lessons that you have lived through, rather than the ones you haven’t.

There’s an opportunity now for you to see where certain people misled you to believe in things that you cannot live out for yourself. Even if those teachings were handed to you with good intentions, it’s time to lay them aside, heal any damage done, and embrace your own best wisdom.


Are you getting your point across, Virgo? One of the challenges you might face during this Venus retrograde is that you second-guess yourself too often in conversation.

You might find yourself over-analyzing ever word, replaying interactions back to yourself hours after they’ve happened, wondering: “Did I say the wrong thing?”

Sometimes, the doubts we have about ourselves are not always what they appear to be. For example, if you are feeling tongued-tied, then why not use this time to think about the impression you want to make. While Venus is in Scorpio, you’ll have the chance to explore all of the ways your words can give you a sense of power.

(Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche’s book The Lost Art of Good Conversation is a beautiful read if you want to spend some time ruminating on this.)

Think, too, about whether you are in fact saying what you want to say. Words come out of our mouths so quickly that we’re not always aware of what we are talking about until we hear it ourselves.

Use this time to be more mindful about your own communication style. Practice by choosing one to three things a day you would like to tell someone, and make a point to deliver those messages in a way that will be heard, respected, and appreciated.

There’s no escaping the energy of this Venus retrograde, Libra. Venus is your ruler, so you’ll feel her presence no matter what she’s up to.

You’re not always comfortable asserting your boundaries. Libra is a notorious people-pleaser, and this retrograde is going to get right down to business in asking you to get clear about what’s working, and what’s not.

So often, issues that we have with time, work, and money circle around other people. And this retrograde starts out by asking you to re-examine your true priorities. Venus 3

Things are changing for you this season, and you might not be able to do everything for everyone anymore, at least not if you want to embrace your next chapter.

There is a rule in magic that states we must release something old in order to receive something new. For the month of October, you are being asked to focus on what it’s time to let go of. Especially if something is creating an imbalance of energy for you.

Don’t be afraid to scale back your obligations, or ask for more time for yourself. By the time November rolls around, you’ll already start to see the benefits of your new boundaries.


If you want to go far with this retrograde, listen to what’s calling you at this time, especially if it comes in the form of a new meditation practice, spiritual path, or physical expression.

I’m thinking of things like kundalini yoga, Tantra, or transcendental meditation. Or, if you’re more artistically inclined, explore art therapy, or creative expression that helps to unlock subconscious memories.

Dream work, the divine feminine, and ancestral healing can also be interesting realms for you to dive into this season.

Sexual healing can also be particularly prominent right now. Venus retrograde can also help to cut through any assumptions we might have about what we think sex is supposed to be. It can help to challenge shame and taboos, and to heal traumas.

Whether you are connecting with anyone sexually or romantically now or not, your relationship to your sensual self can deepen. Do whatever work is most necessary for you, sexually and spiritually.


Do you keep a dream journal, Sag?

If not, I think you should, at least for the six weeks that Venus is retrograde. She’s going to be dancing through your dreams all this time, sending you all kinds of insights and inspiration to help you fuel your plans for the months to come.

Venus retrograde comes just ahead of Scorpio season, a time of year when many people believe the veils between worlds are at their thinnest. You are primed to learn something from your own ancestry during Venus retrograde, as you’ll be able to connect old, primal energies at this time.

So on top of dream journaling, why not set up an altar for your ancestors, too? If you can, place it near your bed to help fuel your dreams. Decorate it with some clear quartz, amethyst, black obsidian to amplify the energy.

One thing to be careful about is how far back you delve into your own past.

Heal any old wounds, by all means, but don’t open old doors just for the sake of it. Some things have already come full circle for you, and don’t need to be revisited. Beware of old illusions that seem shiny from a distance, but that hold very little sparkle up close.


You’re moving on whether you like it or not, Capricorn. Your hopes, dreams, and friendships are all getting a big overhaul right now.

Venus retrograde is clearing your schedule so that you can map a new path for yourself. Some Capricorns might find this process painful at first, especially those who have put many friends aside to pursue plans or careers that might not be paying off so well right now.

You might be wondering: “What have I sacrificed, and what can I salvage?”

If you need to resurrect your social ties, now is the time to breathe some life back into your community. Call out to those who have been patiently waiting for you, and embrace them with gratitude.

Some Capricorns may find that what they used to reach for is no longer there – at least not in the way it was before. Take heart. Venus retrograde is stirring up some big changes for you, but they may not be as permanent as you think.

If your place in the world is starting to shift, all you can do is trust in your next, most obvious steps. You’re so good at finding your way, Capricorn. This is just another chapter, and another opportunity to rise higher than before.


Are you ready for a change in your path, career, or purpose? Because Venus retrograde is asking you to carve out more time in your working life for the things you really want to be doing.

It’s also asking you to level things up when it comes to how much respect you get as you move throughout the world.

It doesn’t matter what your definition of work is – you could be working in an office tower or as an artist. You could be a caregiver to a family member, or fresh out of school and unsure of what’s next.

Work means many different things to different people, and no matter what it is for you right now, you deserve for your efforts to be recognized and respected:

Do you get paid on time?
Do your friends or family give you enough room to truly embrace your path?
Do the people closest to you encourage your work, or question it?
Does your partner respect what you do, or try to undermine your efforts?

All of these levels of support and more can come up for re-evaluation for you during Venus retrograde.

The bigger lesson in it all is to beware of how much of a drain external factors are having on you.

There is a new, glittering opportunity on the horizon for you – one that will allow you to take a new step forward, or initiate an exciting new idea. But you need confidence to make it happen, so be careful about who you listen to now.

Stay open to what comes, but also be willing to stand firm in the things you do best. Your vision and resolve will help you blaze your trail.


Where have you let your spiritual practices drift, Pisces? Out of all the signs in the zodiac, you thrive most when your spiritual needs are being met.

And yet spiritual paths can ebb and flow throughout our lives. Sometimes we might feel deeply connected to our spirituality and find it easy to make time for any practices, prayers, or rituals to support that. And other times, we question it all, or feel little to no desire to put the energy into it.

This Venus retrograde asks you to look at how you might be able to deepen your connection to your higher self, the universe, or whatever else you want to be better in touch with.

If it helps, think back to what you believed was most magical about the world when you were a child. Did you believe in ghosts, fairies, unicorns, or dragons, for example? Did you believe you had special powers, or did you dream of gazing into crystal balls?

Let your inner child come out to play, and let that child show you how to nurture your soul once again.

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