Virgo season, Saturn direct, and Venus and Mercury in Leo

Justice StarchildA couple of weeks ago, in my update about the current Mercury retrograde, the Justice card came up.

It’s back again, in time to talk about Saturn direct, Venus and Mercury in Leo, and the Sun in Virgo.

Last week, we welcomed the Leo New Moon and solar eclipse, two events that ushered in a new cycle of change and energy.

But over the past few days, we’ve also have some other notable astrological activity: The Sun is now in Virgo, and on Friday, Saturn went direct after being retrograde since April 6. Saturn remains in the sign of Sagittarius, where it brings reality checks when it comes to learning how to commit to your dreams and ideals.

Sagittarius loves freedom, but Saturn likes to reign things in with checks and balances. Like the Justice card, it reminds that we don’t always get what we want, but we often get what we need. Once the basics are covered, Saturn in Sagittarius can work together to put realistic plans in place around lofty goals.

These past several months might have seen you questioning the ground you stand on. Some big plans might have gotten shelved for something more practical. You might have done some serious thinking on what it is you really want for yourself personally and spiritually, and what kind of structures need to be in place in your life in order to make that happen.

With Saturn now moving direct again, answers can become clearer. Plans that have been put-off can be revisited with fresh eyes and better perspective.

Balance will be more attainable. Doubt might not have such a strong voice as during Saturn retrograde.

And with the Sun having slipped out of fiery Leo and into earthy Virgo, this also brings in some much-needed balance. Things can start to feel frenetic with the Sun in the element of fire. Virgo can bring in a welcome change of pace, helping us to slow down a little and start to think about our plans for the upcoming fall season.

For me, I find that I often experience a huge need to slow down once the Sun is in Virgo, but others feel invigorated by Virgo’s get-it-done energy. I think that the Sun’s influence in any sign always gives us the aspects of the zodiac that we need at the time; Virgo is hard working, but also nurturing and motherly, and it can remind us of what we need to take care of.

So if you are feeling the need to slow down, too, it could be Virgo asking you to balance out by pulling back a bit.

But for those who are still craving some creative drive, Venus in Leo will help to supply plenty of ambitious, expressive, social energy.

This Wednesday, August 31, Mercury will also join up in the sign of Leo, bringing forward some new ideas and help you to connect to your confidence and voice. Remember, too, that Mercury is still retrograde, so once it gets into Leo, it might have you re-assessing how you hold yourself back.

If it helps, here’s a mantra for you to work with for the week ahead:

I create my reality with simple steps.

Until next time,

Liz xo

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