Welcome to Scorpio season

Four of Crystals lo-resThe Sun moved into Scorpio at 1:27 EST today. It’s official: We are out of the friendly influence of Libra and into the intensity of Scorpio.

Scorpio is sex and death. It is power and dominance. It is intensity and intuition.

Scorpio can see right through you. It takes no shit and says that you shouldn’t, either.

Scorpio is also rebirth and regeneration. It is the stories that you house deep within your bones. It is the voice that reminds you that no matter what might be falling apart, you will find a way to rise again.

Scorpio season is said to be a time when the veils between worlds are at their thinnest, that the spirits walk among us at this time.

If Scorpio season invites us to commune with the dead, then certainly it also offers us a time to ask: What may need to go next?

Scorpio finds catharsis through change. It welcomes the transformation that death offers. It knows rebirth awaits on the other side, and actively seeks it out.

And so Scorpio doesn’t just offer us a chance to become closer to the spirit world. It also offers us the opportunity to commence massive transformation within our lives, if that’s what we need at the time.

The card that came up for this week’s forecast is the Four of Crystals, also known as the Pentacles. This is a card of control, a strong Scorpio trait.

Even though we associate this sign with magic and mystery, it is also a symbol of power and status. Scorpio wants to be on top. It wants to be taken seriously. It wants to live up to its potential to take charge in life.

Sometimes, the idea of being in power makes people nervous. Many of us have been taught to think of power as something that happens only in the workplace, and only if you are in an authoritative role.

Astrology doesn’t care about your job title. Tarot doesn’t care about the glass ceiling.

Instead, these things remind us to look outside of the parameters we have been taught to believe we are working in. It is a reminder that our power comes from any number of decisions and options we might have, that our power is not limited to a job description. Instead, it extends to all aspects of our lives, from how we treat ourselves to how we move through the world.  

Our intuition can help to guide us to the possibilities of our power. Our power comes alive when we look at a situation in our lives that has become chaotic, disorganized, or unhealthy and we say, “This changes today.”

Our power strengthens when we allow ourselves to speak up against an inappropriate comment or question, rather than smiling and nodding politely at it.

Our power awakens when we get real with ourselves about where we could be operating more efficiently or effectively.

For example, Scorpio energy can help you finally get a grip on some credit card debt. Or encourage you to finally book an appointment that you’ve been putting off, especially if it’s connected to your own healing.

Scorpio allows itself to fully see what needs to change in order to make space for what’s to come by the time spring rolls around next.

Whatever you are feeling confused about, or disconnected with, whatever relationship – whether it be emotional, material, sexual, professional, spiritual, or anything in between – you are confused with right now, hand it over to Scorpio. Surrender to the change that can begin now.

Death comes in many forms. Sometimes you might have to kill a part of your identity. Sometimes you have to shed a relationship in order to come into your own. Sometimes you have to grow out of the lessons or belief systems you’ve been given in order to find ones that allow you to be real, be whole.

If it helps, here’s a mantra for the week ahead:

I am making space for what’s to come.

Until next time,

Liz xo

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