Welcoming a New Moon in Pisces and Mercury’s new move

Page of Cups StarchildA couple of weeks ago, we welcomed the Full Moon in Leo with a lunar eclipse. This Sunday brings the New Moon in Pisces, accompanied by a solar eclipse just minutes before.

I’ve mentioned before the eclipses can be taken very literally: They can actually “eclipse” something in your life by bringing in a dramatic change or realization.

This weekend’s New Moon in Pisces is an excellent one to work with it if you would like to strengthen your intuition, heighten your creative inspiration, begin a dream journal, or start a new artistic project. Pisces is ruled by Neptune, which connects to poetry, art, the subconscious, and the divine.

That means it’s also a great Moon for spiritual work, including exploring new paths. (And if the Moon itself is calling to you, my MOON MAGICK class begins on Monday, February 27 and you can register right here.)

Pisces is spiritual, dreamy energy. What might come up around that with a solar eclipse? Just as the lunar eclipse with this month’s Leo Full Moon offered bright hope, I feel the same can be said for this New Moon.

This is a time to open up a new beginning for you – one that comes from your heart, from your deepest instincts. This is accentuated by the Page of Cups that showed up this week. This is a card of opening up to new sources of inspiration. It’s one that asks you to be willing to connect with your heart and allow yourself to feel renewed and hopeful about something fresh, even if it feels small at first.

What do you feel destined for? What is your spirit compelling you to do? There is something magical about a Pisces New Moon, as though it can act as a portal to your highest self.

Why not take some time this weekend to commune with that aspect of yourself? Just before that New Moon, Mercury slips into Pisces on Saturday, February 25th. Mercury rules your thoughts and ideas. It is also your voice – what are you telling yourself these days? And more importantly, what are you hearing from that inner dialogue?

I have an old antique hand mirror I picked up a thrift store that I’ve been using in meditation. So often, we think of meditation as a time to sit with our eyes closed, chanting “om” or clearing our minds of all thought.

But meditation can be so much more than that. Often, I see it as an invitation to our brightest ideas: What’s going on when I turn off my phone, close the door to my room, and let myself think? Now, I can stare into my mirror. Facing my own reflection, I’m seeing myself for what I am – a person.

So often, we put energy into listening to whoever is in front of us, working to validate their thoughts and feelings. But it’s not always easy to do it for ourselves.

This Pisces Moon can help with that. Maybe you would like to get a mirror, too – something special, something that you might only use for personal, magical practices. Create a ritual for yourself. Light some candles, get your favourite incense going, and take a good, long look at yourself.

Who is staring back at you?

What do your eyes say?

What do you see in the expression you hold?

What might you read in the character of your face?

Pay attention to what’s catching your attention this week. And do make some time for self-care. Pisces energy can amplify our emotions, so be careful not to absorb other people’s energy. A nice bath, a walk in the woods, or a cup of tea with a book can all be nice things to do for yourself if you are feeling a bit depleted this week.

Here is a mantra that you can work with for the days ahead:

I am an open channel, ready to receive.

And if you’d like to pull some tarot cards for yourself during this New Moon, here is a spread for you to try:

1. What is my intuition guiding me towards right now?
2. What natural gift is it time for me to share?
3. What can I do to support my spiritual growth?
4. What is the universe asking of me?

And remember, it’s the last week to register for MOON MAGICK. This is an in-depth, five-week course that will teach you how to work with the Moon: http://www.lizworth.com/moon/. I would love to see you there!

Until next time,

Liz xo

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