Welcoming an expansive New Moon in Aquarius

Justice Cosmic TarotWe welcome a new lunar cycle at 4:04pm today with the Aquarius New Moon.

Here in the northern hemisphere, there are about six weeks until spring arrives. Last week, I talked about Imbolc, which just arrived on Saturday, February 2, another important energetic threshold we are moving through right now.

The energy of Imbolc foreshadows our spring season. What we focus on within our intentions, paths, and plans can be indications of what is ready to grow for us in the warmer months.

Earlier this year, I kept hearing a message being repeated through various conversations:

If you have a desire, there is a reason for that desire. It’s up to you to follow it to find out why.

I like this idea. While I do believe it is important to move towards the things we want, I think it’s also important to remain unattached from a specific outcome.

What we sometimes envision for ourselves does not always appear exactly as we expect when we get it – but the forms our dreams take may be the exactly what we need to be working with.

With the Aquarius New Moon arriving just days after the potency of Imbolc, it can feel especially important now to envision your future. Or, to listen for what your future is pulling you towards.

Sometimes, we don’t always know what direction to take ourselves in next. Even when we know we need a change, it’s not always obvious how or where to begin.

When I do readings for people who are in those in-between times, unsure of what to do next, I often hear that they are overwhelmed with the idea that they have to have it all figured out before they can take a single step in any one direction:

“Who am I? What do I like? What do I want? What if I choose the wrong thing?”

But changes are not always tests. It’s not always a question of being right or wrong, or coming at it from an either / or mentality.

Often, changes occur because you are actually about getting closer to who you really are – you just can’t see it yet. The process of peeling back a layer of your old life can feel radical, uncomfortable, and uncertain.

Why? Because the world doesn’t let us foster our true nature. So many of us spend our whole lives working our way back to the beginning, back to ourselves. Every relationship, job, hobby, mistake, joy, and transition we move through is an opportunity to call back our spirits.

Sometimes, it’s important to remember that making a change doesn’t have to be approached as a massive overhaul. Sometimes, people fear change because they thing that it is somehow going to introduce chaos into their lives. They worry about spinning out of control, and so instead, they choose not to do anything at all.

Sometimes we have to pull ourselves back from the “what ifs” and do a gut-check on what a decision or vision stirs up: Does it feel right, necessary, healthy, helpful, obvious?

The Aquarius New Moon helps us to break free from old patterns. It helps us to step into a new level our personal evolution. It is a rebellious energy that helps anchor ourselves into the future, into who we are working to become.

It is not about the good old days, but about all the possibility that is yet to come. And this New Moon can help us tap into a brighter view of the future, helping us to open even more to the potentials we have yet to bring forward.

It can feel rebellious to make a change sometimes. But the Justice card was pulled for this week, and Justice is about decisive action, and radical honesty. It asks you to be real – really, really, really real – about what you believe you are here to do.

What do you believe you are here to live, experience, and evolve through?

Remember what I said about desire earlier: That what we are hoping for is there for a reason, and that our desires are arrows helping us to see the way.

This lunar cycle offers the following intention:

“I am breaking free.”

If you would like to connect with the energies of this New Moon and upcoming lunar cycles, I invite you to work with my New Moon Meditations to support your intentions.

You can also book a reading with me for one-on-one insights into your current path.

And for anyone who wants to work with the energies of this New Moon in Aquarius through tarot on their own, here is a spread you can try:

1. What does my future self want me to focus on today?
2. What can I start once I find that focus?
3. What change must I make at this time?
4. Who am I becoming as a result?

Until next time,

Liz xo

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