Welcoming another Blue Moon with this week’s Full Moon in Libra…

threeofcrystalsI can’t believe we’re already in the last week of March. And time always seems to go a bit faster when the Sun is in a fire sign like Aries.

Or is that just me?

We are building up to the Full Moon in Libra this Saturday, March 31. This is the second Full Moon of March, making it a Blue Moon. The month is bookended by peak lunar energy, but for me, it’s just a matter of timing.

If February had a couple more days, the Full Moon would have fallen within that calendar month instead…

The more I allow myself to flow with the timing of astrology, the less concerned I become with the linear Gregorian calendar. Months have their purpose to stay organized within the world, but really, I’m interested in what the Sun and Moon are up to on their own.

March on its own doesn’t have a specific theme or flavour. It’s the Sun changing signs every 30 days, and the Moon waxing and waning about 29.5 days that keeps us moving through ebbs and flows.

I wonder what life would be like if our months were timed around the zodiac instead.

This week, we are moving towards a crescendo with the Full Moon in Libra.

How do you feel when we get close to a Full Moon? I often have trouble sleeping the night or two leading up to each one. I feel wired. My bedroom overlooks a valley and the Moon often hangs big and bright in the sky, illuminating the whole room.

This weekend’s Full Moon in Libra can connect back to the New Moon in Libra that occurred October 19, 2017. Think back to intentions you were setting, or things you were focused on then, particularly around themes of community, connection, and creativity.

We are still in Aries season, and Aries is a highly independent energy. It is ruled by Mars. Libra is ruled by Venus, and loves to pair up, partner, share and collaborate.

This can be a time when we begin to shift the dynamics within our relationships.

Some of us might be seeking more independence in our work and personal lives right now, but at the same time, Libra’s Full Moon will help us to see what we can’t take on all by ourselves.

And sometimes, that’s a good thing. It can be very hard to ask for help, or to admit you need it.

So pay attention to your balance of energy right now. Look at where you might be ready for more freedom, and where you are ready to experience deeper trust and connection.

Libra brings things into balance, and so it is time to allow the course to correct itself as it needs to.

The card I pulled for this week is the Three of Crystals, an image that has repeated itself often in these updates. I always speak of it as a card of foundation, and as I write this, it is making me wonder if we ever really stop building our foundation.

Things are always shifting and changing. If we are growing, we always have the chance to find ourselves standing on new ground.

So don’t worry if you have come to a point when you realize that something you thought was solid actually needs to be re-worked.

“My life is dynamic. I embrace every cycle it offers.”

It can all lead you to a new place by the time fall rolls around, and the next Libra New Moon arrives.

If you want to connect with the energies of the weekend’s Full Moon, here is a tarot spread to try out:

1. What is coming into balance for me within the next six months?
2. What is it time for me to let go of?
3. What is it time for me to embrace?
4. What shift is required within my relationships?
Until next time,

Liz xo  

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