Welcoming Aquarius season and a Full Moon + lunar eclipse in Leo

Eight of Pentacles Cosmic TarotThe Sun entered Aquarius yesterday, Sunday, January 20.

As we come out of Capricorn season, which is a time when many of us become extra focused on goals or plans for the year-ahead, it’s important to take a moment to breathe.

Acknowledge the shift out of earth energy and into air, where we are encouraged to look up from our work and day dream a little bit more.

The card I pulled for this week is the Eight of Pentacles, which speaks to this change of pace. Here, we have an image of someone who is focused on getting a job done. There is a lot of skill, craft, and mastery in this card, but the work is close to completion.

The breath, the break, the pause is coming soon in the Eight of Pentacles. I encourage you to find a moment this week to find that space for yourself.  

Aquarius invites us to explore the realms of our imagination. Depending on what you celebrate within the calendar year, you might be feeling that the shine has worn off from New Year’s Day. The promise and excitement of a fresh start early on in the year can wane quickly.  

We are a few weeks into 2019 now and the holidays are already feeling long behind us. This is the time of year when we can start to really notice that we are back into our usual routines. It’s when the hustle of life returns and the pressure builds.

It can also be a time when we start to wonder what to look forward to next. Spring is still far off and there isn’t always much to celebrate in these winter months.

Aquarius is an energetic opportunity to make your own fun, especially if you aren’t feeling very energized right now. It is also a reminder that spring really is just around the corner; Imbolc, which is celebrated on February 2, is a time when we can begin to hold the seeds of what we want to plant come springtime.

Aquarius’ future-oriented energy allows us to transcend the everyday experience and begin to envision all of our plans coming to fruition.

As you allow yourself to reflect on what those plans may be, take a moment to connect with today’s Full Moon in Leo and lunar eclipse.

This lunar eclipse is the final chapter in the story of the Leo-Aquarius eclipse cycle that began in 2016. As full moons can act as culmination points, it might be a nice time to reflect back on what emerged for you over the last few years in regards to what you are creating, how you are being seen, and your relationship with recognition.

Eclipses can act as catalysts that introduce change into our lives, but the effects are not always immediately obvious. Remember that change can come in the smallest forms. A song you hear might spark some inspiration, or a comment someone makes might get you thinking about something that sends you down a whole new path.

Likewise, the feelings that get stirred can be signs, too. Like the resentment that builds when a colleague takes credit for your idea, or the envy you feel when someone has something you really want.

Ask yourself how you can be motivated by the tough stuff. Explore what’s keeping you from getting what you want, or get inspired to work harder towards a special goal.

Look at the story you have been living and how it affects your ability to shine, connect, and create. Look for all the ways you’ve been motivated in recent years and consider those influences treasures you can mine in the year to come.

If it helps, here is an intention you can work with throughout the week:

“I am ready to be the star in my own story.”

And if you would like to connect with this week’s Leo Full Moon and lunar eclipse, here is a tarot spread you can try at home:

1. What story did the Leo-Aquarius eclipse series open for me?
2. What final chapter can I take from today’s Full Moon in Leo?
3. What is ready to change through this lunar eclipse?
4. What am I ready to step into this year?

Until next time,

Liz xo

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