Welcoming Aquarius season and Friday’s New Moon

If you’ve been feeling bogged down, tired, or sluggish, you may be under the influence of all this earth energy we’ve been under this month.

Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto are all in Capricorn, and Mercury just recently left Capricorn for Aquarius late last week. Opportunities, priorities, boundaries, changes, ideas and conversations have all been filtering through Capricorn’s perspective lately.

That means that the universe is encouraging hard work, but with a slower, more methodical approach. Those of us who prefer to rush around, do too many things at once, or take on mountainous to-do lists may have been challenged with limited energy or tasks that require more patience than preferred.

The Sun has also been in Capricorn since December. Today it enters Aquarius at 9:55 am EST, helping to lift the mood a little bit.

If you’ve been conserving your energy and doing your best just to get through the day lately, Aquarius season will help you to look up from your to-do list and gain some perspective on the progress you’ve making already.

The Sun is also encouraging you to make time for something fun, or lighter. Something that doesn’t feel like a chore, or an obligation. There’s nothing wrong with being responsible and following through on your commitments, but with all this Capricorn energy right now it’s been hard to get out of the weeds.

That sense of duty to work and responsibility has weighed heavily and you may be thirsting for a break, or a breath of fresh air.

Aquarius season encourages you to create the freedom you need right now.

Give yourself something to look forward to this week. Make plans with a friend, or take yourself to a café after work and read a book for a while. Grab a notebook and brainstorm about something you haven’t had much time to focus on this month yet.

This Friday, January 24 brings the New Moon in Aquarius at 4:42 pm. This lunation can bring a welcome shift for you.

The start of 2020 has been quite intense with the Capricorn – Cancer eclipses we experienced and so much change happening personally and collectively. This weekend’s New Moon offers a bit of a reprieve from the unpredictable nature of the past few weeks, offering you an opportunity to take some time back for yourself.

Aquarius has a rebellious, unconventional streak, so if you’ve been feeling too confined or boxed in by something lately it’s a wonderful time to give yourself permission to break free and do your own thing.

Here’s a tarot spread you can work with if you’d like to connect with the New Moon in Aquarius:

  1. What can I create during this lunar cycle?
  2. How can I experience more freedom?
  3. How can I have more fun?
  4. What part of myself can I best express?

Until next time,

Liz xo

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