Welcoming Aquarius season. Do you feel a change in the air?

Two of Swords lo-resDid you feel a shift in the air? I’ve noticed that the more you pay attention to the astrological seasons, the more attuned you become to how each energy moves through you.

Aquarius is an air sign, though it is often confused as water because its symbol is the water bearer.

In astrology, Aquarius is considered a social, friendly, community-oriented sign, though it also maintains its independence. It gives life to new ideas and communicates freely, but never gives in to the burden of conformity.

When the Sun is in Aquarius, life can move quickly. Focus can be a struggle, as Aquarius can be spacey. It is ruled by Uranus, a future-oriented planet of innovation and invention. Aquarius is always a few steps ahead, and at this time of year, we can all feel like we are struggling to catch up.

Time can slip through your fingers when the Sun is in the element of air, and concentration can be fleeting. Details and schedules can become confused.

We are also coming up to the lunar eclipse, which will take place next week, on January 31. This eclipse is part of the Leo-Aquarius eclipse series that began in 2016. Depending on where this eclipse is taking place in your chart, you might feel an energetic pull in the days to come.

Change is in the air when eclipse season hits. And with the Sun in Aquarius, new possibilities abound already. Visions for the future can come through loud and clear now. You might start to get restless for your next chapter.

Under the influence of Aquarius, you can begin to see what you are growing out of, or apart from.

We see this in the Two of Swords this week, a card that if is often connected to indecision and mental blocks. In tarot, the twos can speak of choices that must be made. You can feel caught between two worlds – the old and the new – here, but without enough clarity on how to move forward.

You can also feel trapped with the Two of Swords. Before you hangs the promise of a new world, but your hands still hold the weight of your current responsibilities.

What do you need to know in order to move forward? How much of your struggle is rooted in indecision alone?

Indecision seems to trap so many of us again and again. We know what we want to do, but not when, or how.

It’s not always easy to escape indecision in Aquarius season because it opens you up to so many possibilities. Also, the element of air can make you feel like you are floating away sometimes.

Later this week, on Friday, Mars enters Sagittarius, bringing some added momentum and wanderlust into the mix. Stay open to new horizons and inspiration at this time, especially as the Moon is still waxing towards fullness.

There is a lot to pay attention to, but only you can be the one to know if it’s the right time to act.

Here’s a mantra for the days to come:

I am open to what the future holds.
Until next time,

Liz xo

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