Welcoming Beltane and looking ahead to Uranus in Taurus

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Beltane arrives this Tuesday, May 1.

This is the halfway-point between seasons. In the northern hemisphere, we are in between spring and summer.

In Gaelic tradition, Beltane is considered the beginning of summer, when cattle would be sent out to pasture.

While many of us are living in urban settings these days, we can look to Beltane for symbolic and energetic potential.

May 1 is believed to be a time when the Earth’s energies are most potent, and most active. We are deep into the spring season and life is in full bloom.

Pollen is also heavy in the air, as perhaps are our hopes, dreams and ideas for the coming summer season. Pollen allows nature to continue to grow.

Our own thoughts and wishes are seeds, too, that we use to grow new chapters in our lives.

And so fertility is also a strong theme during Beltane. It is a season of conception, fullness, and union, reminding us that fertility comes in many forms.

It connects to acts of creation on all levels, from the life you are living to the experiences you are weaving.

And so this week, the energies around you ask:

Where are you experiencing fullness in your life?

Where are you feeling fertile right now?

What is growing? What is incubating, waiting to hatch in the coming months?

But…what do you if you’re not feeling any of this? The last couple of years have been particularly heavy.

Maybe you’re depleted right now. I expect many of us are.

If that’s the case for you, trust that the energies of this time are offering seeds of possibility.

But also, we can use this time to think about what we may want to give back to the earth, too.

Taking can be tiring. Creating our own realities is a lot of work.

While the Earth resiliently takes us through these same energetic cycles year after year, I wonder about its own levels of exhaustion these days.

The mother is tired, I imagine. She is waiting for an embrace. Or a break.

My mind keeps skipping ahead to Uranus’ entry into Taurus on May 15. In just a couple of weeks, we will enter into a new phase. (I’ll be sending out a more detailed update about this soon.)

Taurus is ruled by Venus, the goddess of love, beauty, art, and desire.

Taurus is sensual, earthy. Taurus reminds us of our bodies, and our environment.

This transit, I expect, is set to awaken us even more to the potential that our bodies hold. It will ask us to reclaim ourselves, limb by limb, from any restrictions, shame, or expectations that bind us. That blind us to the truth of our physical selves.

Too many of us are taught to disconnect from our bodies.

Too many of us grow up feeling like our bodies belong to someone else.

Too many of us don’t ever get the chance to know how we feel about ourselves.

We get so deeply buried beneath the confusion of what we have been told we should be that we can’t see ourselves clearly anymore.

And so it is with the Earth, too. Here we are, in a place that is heaped with concrete, waste, pollution. A place that has been bruised and broken by theft, war, heartache, and blind dominance.

A place whose natural beauty is continuously changed, reinvented, and reimagined by the same massive powers that tell us, as individuals, that we need to be more than what we naturally are.

No wonder we are tired. No wonder the Earth is tired.

But still, it moves. And so do we.

What do you want to give yourself for Beltane? What do you want to see grow by the time the autumn harvest rolls around?

What do you want to give back to the Earth? How might both of you be revived, even just a little, at this time?

I ask about striking this balance not only because we are gearing up for Uranus in Taurus, but also because the card of the week is the Six of Crystals.

This is a card of reciprocity. It is a card that demands energies become equal. There must be a given and take.

And so if you have taken on too much – too many uninvited opinions, too many unwelcome gazes, too many comparisons – try to tip the scales in your favour now.

And whatever you give to yourself at this time, give something back to the Earth, too. She wants to hear from you.

If it helps, here is a mantra for the week ahead:

“I am calling in what I need.”

Until next time,

Liz xo

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