Welcoming Leo season

Empress Cosmic TarotI can’t believe how fast this year is going. Here we are in the last full week of July and Leo season begins tonight at 10:50pm EST.

When the Sun enters Leo, it gives us a shift in energy from Cancer season. Here in the northern hemisphere it’s summer, and many people are looking forward to vacations, or just getting back from holidays.

We tend to take our time when summer is here, but also try to maximize each day. Some people might try to do as much as possible outdoors, savouring the warmer air and long days.

Others might try to have as few plans as possible, for there is something so freeing about summer that you don’t want to pack your schedule with too many obligations. Just leaving things open can feel so good.

Whatever you’ve been up to lately, I hope it’s been serving you well. And if you’ve been caught up in other things, perhaps something you hadn’t planned on doing or working on this summer, that’s okay, too: You never know why things unfold when they do, or the way they do.

Leo season helps us get a second wind if we need it. Personally, I find this time of year to be one of the most free-flowing. Maybe it’s the fiery energy of Leo that provides an added boost to each day.

Leo’s gregarious, larger-than-life energy can bring some encouragement to go out and make something happen, or make the most of what’s left of the summer season.

I pulled the Empress for this week’s card, a nod to the energy we’re moving into now. The Empress is a wild woman, one who has a tight relationship with her ability to create meaning in her life.

She asks:

“What is motivating you as you move through this big, wide world?”

Sometimes on the path to creating meaning, we lose sight of everything we started out with. A path can begin with so much excitement and possibility. We are fueled by the potential of our dreams whenever we embark on a journey, whether it’s a relationship, career, creative project, or something else altogether.

And then somewhere along the way, we lose a little steam. Even if everything is going exactly the way we’d hoped, we can find ourselves working harder than we thought. Or rushing through the journey to get to the next phase. Or becoming disillusioned or disconnected from our motivations.

The pressure of everyday life does a number on our dreams, whether we’re living a dream scenario or still working to make it a reality.

This week encourages you to look at where unnecessary pressure has crept into your storyline and to look for ways to reconnect to the original meaning that brought you to where you’re at now.

Until next time,

Liz xo

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