Welcoming Libra season and the Fall Equinox

Eight of Cups Cosmic TarotWe are in the final days of summer. In my part of the world, school starts in early September, after Labour Day, which always feels like the unofficial start of fall.

But the first day of autumn actually begins with the fall equinox and the Sun’s entry Libra, which occurs this Saturday, September 22, at 9:54pm.

For me, paying attention to the seasons isn’t just about weather watching. It is about stepping in and out of distinctive themes and energies time and time again. We come to associate certain memories and expectations with every season.

We also feel differently as these cycles come and go. For many of us, autumn can be an inspiring time. The days gets shorter. Night reigns, changing our desires and routines.

You might be craving early evenings when you can get tucked into bed with a book. Or you might be galvanized by that back-to-school feeling, seeking out workshops or classes to take.

Or you might simply be looking forward to some of your own fall traditions, and enjoying the season as it is.

The Fall Equinox gives us a balance of night and day, just as we see in the scales of Libra. It is a powerful time to get clear about what is tipping your scales.

As we move into the harvest season, we are asked to prepare for what we’ve sown throughout the year, as well as to mourn any crops that haven’t grown as planned.

Or, to realize that we’ve planted seeds that no longer nourish us.

Chapters close at these times. Friendships, jobs, projects, and business plans that are taking more energy than they are worth come up for re-evaluation.

The Eight of Cups appeared for this week’s forecast. Often, this card symbolizes transition. Sometimes, it depicts a necessary but difficult journey, one that may even feel unexpected at first.

It is hard to move on, sometimes. Even if we can see the promise of what’s to come, it can be a struggle to trust that letting go of what’s familiar is going to be what’s best.

The Eight of Cups teaches us that, sometimes, the things we love can one day become the things we end up saying goodbye to. Looking back, we might wonder how we could have outgrown something that was once so good.

When you build something, whether it’s a relationship, home, job, or state of mind, there can come a time when you realize that it’s not for you anymore.

Remember that fall is both a season of harvest, and a season of death. Halloween or Samhain, All Soul’s Day, and Scorpio season are all around the corner.

The Fall Equinox asks you to see what is coming along with you as the seasons change, and what is being left behind.

Trust in the steps you are taking now, whether it’s towards something new, or away from something old.

Light a candle for yourself on September 22 and make a promise that you will care for the harvest of your life in any way necessary.

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