Welcoming Pisces season and the Full Moon in Virgo

Two of Pentacles Cosmic TarotIt’s the second week in a row that I’ve pulled a card from the suit of pentacles for these messages.

The pentacles are earth energy. They are grounded, practical, stable, secure. They ask us to look down at our feet so that we can see what we have planted ourselves upon.

In spiritual discussions, especially of the esoteric nature, “groundedness” comes up a lot. But what does it really mean?

While I don’t think there is ever one single, simple definition for how to be, or how to approach an idea or philosophy, I can tell you what my experience has been in defining groundedness thus far:

Sometimes, when we are on spiritual paths, we can get really caught up the transcendence of it all. We want to connect to our intuition, our “higher selves,” to Spirit, to God, Goddess, to astrology, tarot, our ancestors…all kinds of possibilities begin to open up.

And it can become so tempting to focus all of our energy and attention on the magic and mystery of spiritual realms.

But the work of it all still needs to be done in the here and now. And of course, we can’t direct all of our energy into one area to the point where other things get neglected, like our physical bodies, our routines, or responsibilities.

To me, groundedness is about staying practical and present, no matter what new horizons you are exploring.

It is about checking in with yourself: “What do I need to get done today? What can’t wait until tomorrow? What do I know I need to feel calm, clear, and centred throughout the day?”

The answers to those questions won’t all be about prayer, meditation, or divination. Sure, those things can be part of a daily practice or routine, but the rest of it will likely centre around the basics: Food, water, getting to work or school on time, paying that bill that’s waiting to be opened, or taking care of chores, kids, cats, dogs…you get the idea.

Groundedness is about remembering that when we take care of ourselves and our daily lives, that we are still engaging in spiritual work. We are here for a reason, and it’s important that we care for the life that is in front of us.

Sometimes, that means making time to run errands, or decluttering that junk drawer you’ve been meaning to tackle for the last six months.

Today, the Sun enters Pisces, the sign of transcendence. This is the twelfth sign of the zodiac, the final curve of the wheel before we begin again at Aries. It can be a challenge to stay grounded during Pisces season, despite all the beauty that can unfold.

The symbol of Pisces is two fish, with one swimming upwards, the other down. It is a reminder that we must maintain a balance between reaching for the heavens, while still keeping an eye down here on earth.

(Similar to the Two of Pentacles, which shows us the motion of balance.)

Pisces season can open up our creative channels, helping us to transcend the everyday through a new work of art, or a new form of expression. It can open our hearts, our intuition, and our sense of connectedness to Spirit and the world at large.

But the shadow side of Pisces is that it can be prone to escapism, daydreams, and lack of focus. Which is why I find it helpful to think of its two fish, which remind us that if we find ourselves floating upwards and away a little too often, to bring our focus back to the here and now.

It is also a reminder to ask yourself how your spiritual or creative paths manifest here in the everyday. How can you apply the good teachings, good vibes, good practices that your path has taught you?

How can you show up in the world – without needing to preach, teach, or convert anyone – and walk the talk of a spiritual lesson?

How can you connect to your creative core, even just as a way to inspire others to follow their own passions and make space for fun for the sake of fun?

These are the questions to explore in the month ahead.

Tomorrow, on Tuesday, February 19, we welcome the Virgo Full Moon. It may be a little harder to focus these days as the Sun is in daydreaming Pisces, but this Full Moon can help you come back down to earth – at least for the time being.

With Pisces season now activating our intuition, spiritual connections, and creative flow, it is important to come back into your body. Virgo helps us to stay anchored within ourselves.

It reminds us that there is just as magic in the mundane as there is in the dream world. Allow this time to show you how you can care for yourself and your creative spirit through every day practical actions.

It offers this intention: “I am learning that magic comes in many forms.”

Here’s a tarot spread to help you connect with this week’s Full Moon:

1. What can be a source of inspiration for me at this time?
2. What can I do to stay grounded right now?
3. Where is my magic best expressed right now?
4. How can I care for myself if I feel I’m floating away?  
Until next time,

Liz xo

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