Welcoming Samhain and the Taurus Full Moon

Page of Cups StarchildThere is so much to open to this week. It’s not surprising that the Page of Cups is the card that I pulled for the days to come.

In tarot, the Pages are all symbols of fresh energy. They can act as invitations or gateways, small openings through which important opportunities slip through.

Of course, we must always be mindful that the Pages also connect to the power of potential. That is to say, they exist in the realm of possibility with our ideas, hopes, and dreams.

Within the element of water, the Page of Cups asks you to stay open to the feelings that rise in the days ahead. To listen to your heart before your head. To let yourself spend a little more time dreaming, imagining, and drifting than you might normally allow for.

After all, the Sun is in the water sign of Scorpio, which means we are all moving through a time when emotions must reign. We must allow ourselves to feel. We must allow our intuition to bubble up to the surface. We must allow ourselves to find our reflection in the depths below, regardless of how afraid we are to see what might be down there.

Scorpio calls for raw emotion. It is intense because it believes in the power of the heart. Our capacity to feel is a compass that shows us the way.

And with Halloween, or Samhain, coming up this Tuesday, and All Souls’ Day following on Wednesday, this is a week to stay open to omens and portents. It doesn’t matter whether they come from within or without. This is not a time to over-analyze ourselves to the point where we dismiss our gut instincts.

Choose to believe. Put your trust in something unseen. Allow your spirit to play.

These are the days when our souls seem to reach even harder for greater connection. Samhain is traditionally seen as the end of the harvest season, and yet it reminds us that for every ending, we open a new door.

This is a turning point, energetically, when we start to turn inward, to make more time and space for quieter days and inner reflection. It might seem counterintuitive to think about it this way, of course.

The coming holiday season puts such pressure and demand on many people out there, but when we follow the zodiac and the wheel of the year through the seasons, we see that the universe asks us to follow a different rhythm than what is otherwise dictated.

As the wheel takes another turn this week, you might want to take some inspiration from the Page of Cups and ask: What kind of doorway am I ready to walk through in the weeks to come?

Within the realm of water, this doorway might be one that leads you to a new emotional place. Perhaps you do want to make more time for yourself this year, rather than giving in to holiday pressures or traditions that might not resonate with you.

Maybe you want to start a regular meditation practice. Or make time to write more poetry, or write in your journal once a week. Maybe you have been nursing a bad break up and are ready to open your heart again.

Or maybe you just want to follow your feelings more often and see where they take you.

Whatever it is, the Page of Cups asks you get personal. Choose something that is just for you.

A beautiful, grounded Full Moon in Taurus anchors us at the end of the week on Saturday, November 4. While full moons often have a reputation for intensity, the earthy energy of Taurus will help to balance out some of Scorpio’s depths. This is a friendly Moon, and a time to treat yourself well. Taurus likes luxury and comfort, sensuality and relaxation.

So again, think about the space you are creating for yourself. Think about what you are hoping to take with you as the harvest season comes to a close. Think about what will help you nurture your heart, your creativity, your intuition, and your hopes in the coming months.

All of these aspects of yourself will be the doorway you can move through. Don’t be afraid of where your heart guides you.

If it helps, here’s a mantra for the week ahead:

I am ready to know myself.

Until next time,

Liz xo

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