Welcoming Scorpio season and the New Moon in Scorpio

I wasn’t at all surprised to pull the Hermit card for this week’s forecast.

Today, Monday, October 21, we start the week off with the last quarter moon.

This is the time in a lunar cycle when the energy starts to sag and lull. The Moon isn’t working very hard as she retreats back into the shadows of the sky to prepare for her next lunar cycle that begins this weekend.

As the Moon retreats, you are encouraged to do the same. Wrap up whatever work you can this week. Rest if you need to. Stay in, hermit, and recharge your batteries.

That message will be doubly-felt when the Sun enters Scorpio on Wednesday, October 23. Scorpio encourages reflection, solitude, and quiet connection as a way to re-establish a relationship with yourself.

While Scorpio’s energy is one that tends to get loosely lumped into themes of secrecy, privacy, and introversion, the reasons behind Scorpio’s hidden movements is that this is the time of year when you are encouraged to connect with your unseen energies within.

You can’t know yourself if you never take time to be in your thoughts… to sit with yourself and be in conversation with your mind and body… to make time for the things the heart wants.

Scorpio season encourages space for spiritual growth and magic, and the transformation these acts can bring.

We are also reminded now that we have begun the gradual descent into winter.

These early days of Scorpio season ask, “How will you tend to your mind and soul in the coming months? What kind of tender rituals do you need these days? What kind of energy are you hoping to transmute as the months grow colder?

On Sunday, October 27, the New Moon in Scorpio arrives late in the day at 11:39pm EST. This will bring a boost in energy as each New Moon is a new threshold to cross, though depending on the time zone that fresh energy may be better felt on Monday.

This weekend’s lunation acts as a personal rebirth. One of Scorpio’s symbols is the snake, which sheds its skin.

And if you would like further connect with this weekend’s New Moon through tarot, here is a spread that can help:

Card #1: What can I let go of now? 
Card #2: What can I heal now?
Card #3: What can I commit to now?
Card #4: What can I become now?

If you are looking to transform, heal, and grow using tarot, my online course Tarot for Self-Recovery and Reclamation begins this Wednesday, October 23 in time for Scorpio season.

If you are ready to learn how to use tarot to discover, recover, and reclaim your true self; create your own healing rituals; strengthen your voice, power, and spirit; understand your soul’s work; and more…this course is for you.

I would love to see you there. Register here.

Until next time,

Liz xo

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