Welcoming Scorpio season and the Taurus Full Moon

Nine of Cups Cosmic TarotSay goodbye to Libra season.

Tomorrow, the Sun slips into watery Scorpio at 7:22am EST.

This is a turning point in the harvest season when our attention gets shifted towards winding things down. Energetically, we are asked to look to our own transformation, change and regeneration now.

The Sun joins three planets already in Scorpio: Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter.

Jupiter’s time in Scorpio is winding down soon, too. The planet of expansion has been travelling through Scorpio’s underworld since October 10, 2017 and will stay until November 8, 2018.

For the past year, Jupiter in Scorpio has been asking you to unlock your hidden potential. To open doors that you previously thought were closed, or that perhaps you hadn’t even noticed before.

This has been a time to think about how you are ready to rise up in the world, or how you need to speak out more. Many secrets have been exposed since Jupiter entered Scorpio, but we must not forget to focus on the healing required afterwards.

What is it time for you to heal, and where do you continue to find resilience?

These are questions that Scorpio season poses.

This time of year can feel intense for some, because it is. Scorpio takes us as deep as we can go. You may feel like you are on the cusp of something – some kind of deep realization, or breakthrough, as these next few weeks unfold.

If you feel pulled by Scorpio’s tides, let yourself go swimming. See what these waters are trying to show you about who you are, and what you are meant to be.  

This Wednesday, October 24 brings the Taurus Full Moon at 12:45pm EST. Taurus is a grounded energy. It can act as an anchor in Scorpio’s depths, reminding us of our intentions and plans – especially if you set out on a specific course of action six months ago with the Taurus New Moon.

And yet this week’s Full Moon might carry an extra jolt of energy. It is conjunct Uranus, the great awakener, who is retrograde in Taurus at this time.

Full moons always have some kind of intensity. Some people experiences epic highs or edgy lows, or unpredictable encounters out in the world.

With this one, some people might feel this as a break away from any false sense of security. Others might find a solution to a rut or routine they have been trying to loosen from for some time.

Uranus has an unpredictable quality to it, so if you feel the effects of the Full Moon more than usual, you might be tapped into Uranus’ influence. Uranus rules freedom and rebellion, but Taurus likes to play it safe.

Uranus also rules the nervous system, so you might feel more on edge, or amped up.

Yet the Taurus Full Moon can still be a powerful time to check in with any intentions you have around abundance, material security, success, work, self-esteem, and more. And to re-set any intentions if needed – or if you realize priorities have shifted.

If you do feel propelled by the energies of the week, use them constructively. Channel it into your plans, projects, and dreams.

Whatever comes up for you in the days ahead, trust that there is benevolence out there, too. The Nine of Cups is the card of the week, a beautiful energy that reminds us that even though the winds are changing, the abundance of autumn is still present.

It also reminds us that it is not only okay to trust in the things you love, but to actively cultivate moments of joy for yourself day after day. Especially as our nights grow longer, and days grow colder.

Here is an intention you can use throughout the week:

“I am listening to the rhythm of the tides.”

And if you’d like to work with the Taurus Full Moon, here is a tarot spread to help:

1. What routine is ready to be broken?
2. What intention is coming full-circle?
3. What do I no longer need to rely on?
4. What is acting as my anchor from this moment on?
Until next time,

Liz xo

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