Welcoming Taurus season and Saturn retrograde

Strength StarchildI can’t believe how fast this year is going. I feel like it was just yesterday I was talking about the start of spring, and the start of Aries season.

Here we are, already a month later, with the Sun entering Taurus this Thursday, April 19.

I love Aries time, but Taurus is just as good for me. So much can grow and stabilize under Taurus’ influence. Aries gives us the fire to take action, but Taurus gives us the foundation from which our intentions can grow.

If the Aries fire is the seed we start with, Taurus is the earth in which we can plant that seed. We need the full flow of the zodiac’s energy – all of its ebbs and flows – in order to continue to grow, evolve, change, and dream as we need to.

Aries season can certainly have an edge to it, despite all of its energizing potential. Whenever we are moving through the fire element, we can expect things to heat up: Tempers can flare, tensions can rise. 

Especially with Mercury retrograde for much of Aries season this year, which tested some people’s willpower, assertiveness, and authority.

Taurus can help us all ease into something more harmonious. It’s a softer energy, one that prioritizes comfort, indulgence, even luxury.

We can use Taurus season as a time to stabilize, to focus on creating security within our lives.

With Saturn retrograde beginning on Tuesday, April 17, just a couple of days before the Sun enters Taurus, themes of stability may get bumped up the priority list for some of us.

Saturn helps us to see where we are developing new responsibility within our lives. It helps us to understand what we need to commit to, where we can become more efficient, and where we need to put in some extra work.

Saturn doesn’t let us off the hook. It is unrelenting in its quest to see us learn, grow, and break through. But sometimes, its heavy-handedness can feel like a breakdown first.

Take heart. The Strength card appeared for this week’s forecast, reminding us that sometimes, the toughest challenges becomes our greatest turning points.

Saturn retrograde periods are longer, lasting over four months, so this energy will be with us for a while yet. Saturn is a karmic taskmaster.

It can bring up any past errors, or omissions, and ask us to take another pass before we move ahead again. But it can also bring up major rewards if we have done well to respond to its previous lessons.

So pay attention to any recurring themes that you know have a tendency to bite you in the butt and see if you can’t address them once and for all. And of course, be sure to enjoy any gifts that life brings.

With Taurus season arriving soon, no matter what work remains, there will always be time to stop and enjoy yourself a little bit, too.

Here’s a mantra for your week ahead:

“My past lessons become my future promises.”

Until next time,

Liz xo

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