Welcoming the Aries Full Moon. (Watch out for this one!)

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The Aries Full Moon arrives this Thursday, October 5.

The astrology we see with this Moon is highly dynamic, yet unpredictable. 

This is fire energy, an element where ideas come on fast and furious, where words can be thrown around carelessly, and where spirits can soar.

Aries is a warrior. It is a pioneer. It is independent.

Aries doesn’t care what anyone else thinks. Aries runs on an eternal fire that allows it to believe in its own missions, its own visions.

This type of energy can be intensified by a Full Moon, which is a culmination point. The Moon connects to the soul, to the heart, the emotional realm. A Full Moon illuminates. It brings certain emotions to the surface for each of us.

Aries can be aggressive. Fire is passionate and driven, but it can be angry and impatient.

Individually, we never know how a certain Moon will affect us specifically. While many find full moons to be intense, some never feel them at all.

With this one, I have a feeling we’ll have a full spectrum of possibilities here. This Aries Moon faces off with the Sun in Libra. Libra strives for balance and harmony. It’s a people-pleaser, whereas Aries prefers to please itself.

Sometimes, we need to put ourselves first. If you are in a situation that is stifling your identity, crushing your spirit, telling you how and what to be, you may feel pressure to make a change. Freedom from constraint has been a major theme this year, especially with Uranus retrograde right now.

And yet we have the other side of the spectrum that can be problematic when Aries energy is let loose in the wrong ways. Aries can speak too soon, hurting others unintentionally. It can be too quick to assume, believing itself to be right.

Fire energy overall can become so wrapped up in its own convictions that it sometimes refuses to see things any other way.

Mercury, the planet of communication, is also in Libra, opposing this week’s Full Moon. The Moon also squares Pluto, the planet of death, rebirth, and power, in Capricorn, a sign of rigidity and structure.

So what does this all mean?

Let’s look the Four of Cups that came up for this week’s forecast. It’s not the first time this card has appeared in this space, but as I write this, I’m looking at this woman’s body language. Today, she seems resentful, as though someone, or something, has disrupted her space and knocked over one of her cups.

Or, is that cup laying sideways because she had decided she no longer wants to be boxed in?

With defiant Aries facing off against Libra, this may be the week to upset the balance somewhere.

Sometimes, being nice – which is what Libra wants – is the worst possible thing to do.

Sometimes, we play nice because it feels easier than entering a confrontation. Saying or doing the right thing can be hard.

Being nice is what keeps us from speaking out at work when we know something isn’t right, because we don’t want “rock the boat.”

Being nice is sometimes deceptive, as in, “Let’s invite them anyway – even though I don’t really want to.”

Being nice is what allows people to cross our boundaries, or not even recognize that boundaries exist at all.

Being nice when we really need to be assertive (or honest, or courageous) is what makes space for society to erode the confidence of entire communities.

Being nice isn’t always the same thing as being kind. It isn’t always the same being fair.

Nice doesn’t fit every situation.

Anger is necessary. We talk about it as though it is something that needs to be managed – to be put in its place if we feel it rise up within us. But like every emotion, anger is there for a reason.

I can see this Aries Full Moon bringing some people to a necessary place of honesty. It may not be an easy Moon for this.

If you have been letting tensions sit under the surface, if you have been trying to “take the high road” and your efforts are going unnoticed, this Full Moon might bring you a reality check – and you might find the courage to say what you need. Mercury can help with that.

With the Full Moon squaring Pluto, authority can also feel challenged here. Powers that be may feel their authority is being questioned, while others may find they need to question what they are being told.

Experts are not always what they seem. The customer is not always right. The boss doesn’t always know what’s best.

But of course, we may need to question some of our own assumptions, too. Don’t be afraid to challenge your own convictions this week. Don’t be afraid to admit a mistake, or to be wrong about something.

It may not be easy to get there, though. Arguments and confrontations can come up. People’s emotions will run high and patience may be difficult to maintain.

Because this Full Moon can backfire (no pun intended) if we let stubbornness take control. If we deny ourselves the opportunity for compassion. For understanding.

Remember that even though Aries and Libra are opposites in the realm of the zodiac, they can work together. Libra wants to partner. It wants to connect. But Aries wants to do it in a way where everyone has space to be who they are, and be what they need to be.

And so as we look again to the Four of Cups, I ask you this:

Are you in need of breaking down a box someone has placed you in?

Or do you need to stand up to whoever or whatever is upsetting your personal space, whether it be physical, spiritual, emotional, professional, or anything in between?

If it helps, here is a mantra to help you move through the days ahead:

I open to my courage, and trust in my compassion.

And if you have a tarot deck of your own, here is spread to help you connect to this Full Moon:

1. What part of myself is it time to ignite?
2. What must I let go of in order for this to happen?
3. What vision is it time for me to follow?
4. What rule is it time for me to break?  
Until next time,
Liz xo

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