Welcoming the Blue Moon and a lunar eclipse in Leo

OppressionThe second Full Moon of January arrives this Wednesday, January 31st. When we have two full moons in the same calendar month, the second is called a Blue Moon.

This is the first of two blue moons in 2018. There will be no Full Moon in February, with two falling in March instead.

This week’s Full Moon is in Leo, and comes with a lunar eclipse. This is part of the Leo–Aquarius eclipse series that started in August, 2016.

This Full Moon will connect back to themes and changes you might have been working through when the New Moon in Leo and solar eclipse took place back on August 21, 2017. Full moons bring things full circle, and lunar eclipses awaken new things within us.

I always like to look back at my journal, my goals, and any notes from my personal tarot readings around times like this to see what I was focusing on then, and what has come to fruition since.

Leo is an energy that asks you to pay attention to how you take up space.

Sometimes certain people take up too much space. Others, too little.

How do we know where to find the balance? Ruled by the Sun, Leo can sometimes be blinded by its own potential.

The shadow side of Leo is that it lacks self-awareness when it comes to its attention-seeking. Unchecked Leo energy can make everything about itself. It can monopolize a conversation and take over any room it enters.

Ego is necessary. We all have an ego for a reason. While a lot of spiritual talk seems to revolve around shunning the ego, remember that ego is what pushes you to take a risk, to put yourself out there, to believe that you worthy and deserving.

It is the strength it takes to hit “publish” on that blog post, or to launch that business. It is the determination to send out the resume, buy the fancy dress, or finally tell that special someone that you think they are amazing.

This week’s lunar eclipse might stir the soul of those who are shy, or unsure of where to plant themselves. This week’s Leo Moon might set your soul on fire to create something wild and free.

And if you are already someone who is out there, fearlessly leading, sharing, speaking, creating, then think about whether there is anything in your power to help spread that spotlight around a little.

If you are in a meeting or a classroom, maybe it’s time to let someone else ask all the questions – especially if that person doesn’t often speak up. Maybe it’s time to pull that quiet one aside later and say, “I really valued your opinion.”

Maybe there is an emerging artist who could use a shout out this week. Or another amazing person whose life could be enriched by your encouragement.

Leo is generous, and has great capacity to share. So let your soul be stirred this week in a way that feels big-hearted and bold, and in a way that can create change either for you, or for someone in your orbit.

The card I pulled was Oppression, or the Devil. The Devil lingers in the dark, and in the details. It hides in the shadows, waiting to be liberated.

While this may seem to be a confusing presence for this week’s message, I find it’s perfect. It reminds us to bring things into the light, whether they come from us, or from others. It reminds us to let go of our need for control and let creativity and potential run free.

If it helps, here is a mantra for the week ahead:

I will know my power.

And if you want to connect with this week’s Full Moon and lunar eclipse, here is a tarot spread for you to use:

1. What change does this lunar eclipse hold for me?
2. What can I do to embrace this change?
3. What does the Full Moon in Leo want me to do?
4. What step can I take to explore my power further?


Until next time,

Liz xo

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