Welcoming the Fall Equinox and the Libra New Moon

Libra season has begun: The Sun slipped into the sign of the scales earlier this morning, at 3:50 am EST.

Libra initiates us into the fall season. The scales are perfectly balanced with equal measures of night and day. Symbolically, this turning of the wheel can be a powerful time to retreat into personal ritual – even if only for a few moments – to reflect on what is balanced on your scales.

I pulled the Five of Swords for this week’s message. In working the Cosmic Tarot, the image we get is one of surrender. A person is flat on their back, centered in a pose that may suggest renewal, or ritual. On the dry land depicted here, perhaps they are waiting for rain, or simply resting.

What have you been waiting for this year that hasn’t arrived yet? What kind of work have you done to invite it in?

In my work, it’s not uncommon for people to come to me with the assumption that a reading will tell them exactly what’s going to happen in their lives:

They ask for the date they will meet their future love, the gender of their yet-to-be-conceived children, the name of their next employer…as though it’s already set up for them and all they need to is wait.

Well, are those people ever surprised when I tell them I don’t believe the future is written yet. They assume I do, because much of my work looks ahead to what’s coming up. Even when I write these weekly message, I am connecting to what’s coming up.

Also, we have been conditioned (and misled) to believe that tools like tarot and astrology grant us omniscience.

But through my work, I am looking at energies, themes, and the possibilities they hold. I am looking at the strongest inclinations those energies may have, or the types of activities an astrological event or a tarot card can best support or suggest.

But there is no better certainty to landing at a destination than paying attention to what your own energy pours into. Which is why being present to where you’re at right now is just as important as paying attention to what’s up the road.

The Fall Equinox is a wonderful time to check in on what your energy is flowing into.

Change your schedule to move towards more of what you want. Correct any imbalances in your priorities, boundaries, and sense of time.

And by all means, don’t forget to look at what you are doing to rest, renew, and recharge amongst it all.

This Saturday, September 28 brings the Libra New Moon at 2:26pm EST. Venus and Mercury are also in Libra right now; this weekend will be emphasized by the element of air, making each of us more open to connection and conversation.

Libra likes to get to know you. It likes to be inspired, and likes to take time for beauty, art, and elevated senses.

What are you hoping to make a little more room for these days that will help you feel more inspired about the world around you?

Now is the time to get clear about what will make your life feel a little more beautiful to you.

If you sometimes struggle to keep your energy focused on your own priorities and want to clear your head so that you can take better control over your time, my New Moon Meditations will help.

These guided meditations take you through each New Moon to help you shape the life you want to be living. Get ready for this weekend’s Libra New Moon by purchasing these meditations today.

Until next time,

Liz xo

p.s. Want to connect with this weekend’s New Moon in Libra through tarot? I’ve got a spread for you right here:

1. What is coming into harmony for me?
2. What is out of balance at this time?
3. Where is my energy being misdirected?
4. What can I flow my efforts into instead?